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The Legends have been so focused on recovering the Spear of Destiny before the Legion of Doom, they lost sight of recovering something else: Rip. Having captured him in Camelot, the team has no real plan of attack to jumpstart his true personality and memories. They throw evil Rip into the brig and basically hope for the best. Of course, the best rarely happens for the Legends.



While Sara circumvented GIDEON’s protocols to ensure Rip was unable to access her mainframe, evil Rip bypassed that with a Hydra-like three word baseline. While GIDEON asks evil Rip to not override her systems, he does it anyway. GIDEON releases evil Rip and he goes on a rampage; crashing the ship in the Crustacean period, the team is out of sorts and unable to time jump because of a missing mechanical part.

With Amaya, Nate and Ray searching off-ship for the time jump part, Rory turns out to be a wealth of information regarding getting Rip’s memories back. The Timemasters used a system called cognitive intrusion to manipulate, recover and shape thoughts. Professor Stein, Rory, Sara and Jax decide to journey into Rip’s mind to get him back. Making the mental leap, Sara and Jax.

In dinosaur territory, Ray lets Nate know HE knows about him and Amaya. Breaking down her destiny-returning to Zambezi, having a daughter, having a superhero granddaughter-he tells Nate he can’t let Amaya deviate from her path. She’s a true heroine who matters to the timeline. It’s a conundrum.

In Rip’s subconscious, Sara and Jax battle their evil alters and meet the physical manifestation of GIDEON. The real Captain Rip is imprisoned within the confines of his own mind but is able to break free with the help of GIDEON, Sara and Jax. As his fake subconscious collapses, the real Rip wakes up. Confused but himself.

And oh yes, the final piece of the Spear is with Captain Steele. In the 1960s. On the Apollo 13 mission. With Eobard Thawne playing a doctor clearing him for takeoff. Le wow.

Are you pleased the gang’s back together? How will the dynamic of two captains play out? Will the Legends sabotage Apollo 13 to get the Spear piece? Stay tuned.