Legion – Chapter 4


 I have no idea what’s real.

And I’m pretty sure that’s what “Legion” wants its viewership to feel. As off-kilter and out of balance as David feels. This almost feels like a capsule episode-separate from the narrative the first three episodes provided. Because David spends 90% of it in a coma, Syd becomes the protagonist. She’s sleuthing. She’s researching. She’s rescuing. It’s a tour de force performance.


It’s really difficult to determine fact from fiction on this show. Although David is in a coma (having a listening party with a very odd character in an ice castle), his alter egos (I’m convinced Lenny Busker is a figment of his imagination) are being slain. A young indigenous woman-who’s lived in David’s head since he was a youngster-is somehow linked physically to Cary. When she’s beaten and shot by evil Department soldiers, he is too. It is all telekinetically combined.


The apparent villain of the evil Department is the Man With the Bad Perm. He is able to manipulate time and space but is unable to avoid Syd’s power of physical absorption. Once David exits his coma (through the power of suggestion by Lenny), he locates Sydney and they manage to escape the Man With the Bad Perm. Next stop: rescuing David’s sister Amy from the mental institution she’s locked in.

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