Fear the Walking Dead ended the season and it’s about time with how this season went. It was rough, it made little sense, and a lot could have been totally left out.

I just hope this all leads to something nice to make us go through this torture. The show neutered to many people, and right up to the end.

The group could have, and obviously did, safely gotten rid of the walkers in the Gulch. They did it with horses that Dwight found, from former members of Virginia’s group that died. I think they could have easily done it even without the horses, but they just decided to give up to easily.

So after leading walkers away, and having them swept down the river, the group still decided to not fight Virginia and just give up. But first not without a montage!

The show didn’t REALLY have a montage, but they could have. Instead of trying to build up a defense, or get ready to fight, they did things like paint the outside of a building for no real reason, and had a wedding for June and John, which yes is nice in theory, but not before everyone was to be separated to different places.


Should we get geared up to fight Virginia and her goons? Nah, let’s just have ourselves a real hootenanny of a wedding. Photo Credit: Van Redin/AMC

Wedding occurs, Virginia and company arrive, and as she stated most of the main players are separated and with nobody else that they know. Strand and Alicia are paired up but it seems everyone else has been isolated, including Skidmark.

Turns out that Grace is pregnant and not sick, and Virginia tries to kill Morgan via gunshot. After their fight, and the gun not being operational, Virginia who has been roughed up a bit leaves , thinking that she is leaving Morgan to die. Roughly six walkers are closing in on Morgan who is talking over the radio as we fade.

The speculation is that Morgan didn’t die, at least in this episode since he did not make the death montage on The Talking Dead that night. The most logical explanation is that Sherry, who Dwight heard over the radio earlier, found where Dwight was going to be and arrives just in time to save Morgan, if only for another episode.

The show has left some pieces in order to dabble hope on people as what could be coming. With all sorts of characters in all sorts of outposts, they can be subjective to all sorts of people who have been and seen so many things. Does these Pioneers have anything to do with the helicopter? I doubt it but the story possibilities have opened up because of it, as long as people don’t mess it up so bad.