Source: Legion // FX

“That lady’s secrets have secrets.”

Lenny’s observation of Melanie is spot on. And we definitely earn some of Melanie’s backstory and secrets and where she wants to lead mutant-kind in chapter 3 of “Legion.” A huge part of her push to lead mutants into the future (and a leadership role in the world) is David and his abilities. Unfortunately, the depths of his powers haven’t even been scratched and when he’s tested, things go…haywire.


source: Legion // FX

When David’s powers are diagnosed, the limits seem almost infinite. He’s an empath, he’s telekinetic, he can fly (or float) and he can journey into the past/present/alternate realities. Part of David’s therapy is to find his triggers: the most prevalent seems to be a very scary, incredibly creepy book character that possibly murders people. It’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s not when David is on his therapeutic trips. It’s almost like an extremely nerve wracking spirit walk.

In trying to get David healthy enough to use against the evil Division 3, Melanie takes a calculated risk and it backfires. Massively. She, Syd, David and Ptonomy get stuck in one of David’s memories. The immense stress and terrifying nature of the big-headed, children’s book murder character causes Melanie’s hand to be broken (in the memory). Syd manages to get Ptonomy and Melanie out but David…he remains locked in the memory.

Will David come out? What is that big-headed murderer? Will Sydney be able to touch folks in non-alternate realities? Stay tuned for more recaps with TGON each week.