Supergirl S2 Ep 13: Mr. & Mrs. Mxyzptlk Recap


The hijinks run rampant in the Supergirl Valentine’s day episode! The episode picks up with Mxyzptlk (For those of you still confused on pronunciation…don’t worry, it took me a few tries. But it’s pronounced “Mix-is-Pit-Lick.”) interrupting an important emotional moment between Kara and Mon-El. With a wave of his hand, Kara is surrounded by music and gifts, and the fifth dimensional being is knelt in front of her with a ring, declaring his love and requesting her hand in marriage. Mon-El tries to intimidate Mxyzptlk, but with he snaps his fingers and the Daxamite finds himself smack-dab in the center of the DEO…in his underwear. Kara denies Mxyzptlk’s advances, but he simply vows that he’ll find his way into Kara’s heart, before vanishing into the night.


At the DEO, after Kara fills them in on Earth’s latest visitor, J’onn has Winn scan all Earthly records for any human interaction with fifth dimensional beings. Mon-El arrives – Fully clothed – and while Winn searches, he, Kara, and J’onn discuss Valentine’s Day. The Green Martian had Winn send M’gann a message, and he confesses to Kara that though they’re a telepathic race, Martians believe that writing things down is the most important way of saying them. Kara promises Mon-El that they’ll celebrate their Valentines Day as soon as she’s dealt with Mxyzptlk, and despite his reservations about the being, he agrees.

Meanwhile, in (I’m assuming) Alex’s apartment, the couple is enjoying an average morning. Maggie is eating a weird, sad breakfast consisting of black coffee and a plain toasted bagel (I’m not sure why she hates flavor, but…) while Alex sifts through the mail. She comes across a Valentine’s Day card, and after Maggie pokes a bit of fun at it, she tells the eldest Danvers sister that she HATES the holiday. Alex awkwardly agrees, though it’s obvious that she doesn’t truly share the sentiment. Meanwhile, at the alien dive bar (do we know the name of that place yet? Are we collectively calling it “Alien Dive Bar?” Has it been said and I just don’t remember? Someone help me.) Winn i drinking away his remorse about Valentine’s Day when he’s approached by two overly aggressive aliens. They start spouting their hatred for humans, but he’s saved from a bar fight by an alien woman named Lyra, who say she’s from a planet called “StarHaven.” Winn excitedly tells her that he’s wanted to visit that planet since the day his friend told him that the air smelled of Cinnamon. Lyra dejectedly explains that StarHaven lost its charms when “the blight” rolled in and ruined the planet. After bonding over certain aspects of her planet, Lyra asks Winn (Demands, tbh) on a date – to which he excitedly agrees.


Kara, doing her duty as Supergirl, drops down on three robbers who had just committed a heist (Stealing is bad kids). Mxyzptlk arrives to impress the girl of steel with his crime-fighting skills, but when he attempts to shoot them with their own guns, Supergirl realizes that he’s more dangerous than she thought. Back at the DEO, Kara is trying to find ways to get rid of Mxyzptlk; She dismisses Mon-El, who is completely for the idea of murdering the fifth dimensional being. After coming up empty-handed, Kara returns to her apartment to find a slightly panicked Alex. The oldest Danvers sister explains that Maggie hates Valentine’s Day, and Kara suggests that Alex plan a day focused solely on what the detective likes. Their conversation is cut short when they look outside and see Parasite, who they thought was dead, wreaking havoc on the city. After Kara tussles with it, and Mon-El gets knocked aside when he shows up to help, Mxyzptlk surprises them by defeating Parasite while posing as Superman. Mon-El, infuriated by Mxyzptlk’s attempts to woo Kara, lets it slipthat all he needs to do is get Mxy to say his name backward and he’d have to leave. Kara forces Mon-El to depart, since he’s only causing a scene, but when she tells Mxyzptlk she still won’t marry him, he ominously claims that things can get much worse for Earth.


After Mxy disappears (again), Kara returns to the DEO. She and Mon-El get into an extremely heated argument, and the Daxamite seriously undermines her authority and abilities. She lets loose her prejudice about Daxamites, and the only thing the two seem to agree on is the fact that maybe a relationship was a msitake. Mon-El is still firmly on the side of killing Mxyzptlk, which causes Supergirl to storm off. Mon-El goes to see Winn, who dug through some of the DEO’s weapon stores in search of something to stop Mxy. He points out some sort of medallion, but says they’re still running tests on it. He nervously asks the Daxamite for dating advice, to which Mon-El crankily responds that life was easier on Daxam when he could objectify women and didn’t care about anyone else. Winn, distracted and excited about his date with Lyra, leaves Mon-El alone, and the Daxamite decides to take matters into his own hands by stealing the medallion.

At Alex’s apartment, Maggie walks in and we see that Agent Danvers had taken Kara’s advice to heart. However, the sight of a Valentine’s Day celebration upsets Maggie, and after some pushing, she reveals that her parents weren’t as okay with her being gay as she’d led Alex to believe. When she was young, Maggie started crushing on a young girl named Eliza. The two had gotten as close as best friends could, and on Valentine’s Day, she gave the girl a card that confessed her feelings, but unfortunately, Eliza gave it to her parents, who then showed it to Maggie’s parents. They’d kicked her out, and Maggie was forced to live with an Aunt for the next few years. She storms out of Alex’s apartment after the confession, leaving the DEO agent to processed what she’d just been told.


Back at the dive bar, Winn meets with Lra, and while he’s listing out the plans he’d made for their date, she kisses him and tells the agent that all she wants is him. Meanwhile, Kara is trying to think up ways to get Mxyzptlk to say his name backward. She’s approached by J’onn, who begins to tell her about the medallion, but when they open the case to look at it, they notice it missing. Kara correctly deduces that Mon-El took it, and we see the latter roaming the streets in an attempt to call Mxyzptlk out. The fifth dimensional being appears and agrees to a Daxamite duel to the death for Kara’s hand. Not one to shy away from entertainment, and with an obvious flair for the dramatic, Mxy goes all out and teleports the duo to a theater stage. Dressed like Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr respectively, Mon-El and Mxy start exchanging punches. Once Mxy gets the upper hand, Mon-El pulls out the Medallion, which cuts him off from the fifth dimension and shuts down his powers. When Mon-El thinks he’s won, he realizes Mxyzptlk pick-pocketed him. He destroys the medallion and chains the Daxamite down. Just as Mxy is about to shoot Mon-El with a lead bullet, Kara drops in and promises to marry him. They agree to meet at noon the next day in the Fortress of Solitude to make it official.


That evening, as Kara is mulling over her plans, Mon-El stops by her apartment to plead with her. He begs her not to marry Mxy, but Supergirl reasons that while she doesn’t love him, Mxyzptlk is powerful and can help her protect the city. She concludes that she and Mon-El would never work because they’re too different, before sending the Daxamite on his way. Kara visits the DEO to talk to Alex, but she instead finds Maggie, who also happens to be looking for the eldest Danvers. The detective lets it slip that she owes Alex an apology for snapping at her. Kara explains that Alex has issues with Valentine’s Day too, and she only wanted to try and make better memories on the holiday than the ones she had.

Mxyzptlk arrives at the Fortress of Solitude, eager to marry the alleged woman of his dreams. Kara drops in and taunts him by drinking a cup of orange juice. Early in the episode, it’s revealed that there ARE things Mxy can’t do, such as:

– Make someone marry him (Hence the dramatics of this episode)

– Make someone love him

– Make someone kill themselves/prevent someone from killing themselves

– Oddly enough, prevent someone from drinking orange juice

She tells Mxy that she won’t be black-mailed or forced into marrying him, and refuses to go against her beliefs by doing so. In a fit of anger, Mxy brings a giant statue of Jor-El (Superman’s father) to life to trap her. Supergirl has no problem destroying the statue, and her next words are “You wanna get nuts? Let’s get nuts!” Now…I personally see this as a nod to Michael Keaton’s Batman, who says the exact same thing to The Joker in the 1989 film adaptation. It’s also very possible that’s just the Supernerd in me connecting two unrelated things. Regardless, after saying this, Kara seals the fortress and sets it to self-destruct. The blast would be contained within the fortress, but the Sun-Stone that powers it would be strong enough to kill her.

She explains that she would rather die than marry him and go against everything she stands for. He begs Kara to change her mind, even going so far as to drop to his knees and tell her the people need her. She makes a show of contemplating it before agreeing. She shows him what keys to press in order to enter the cancellation code, and much to his chagrin, it ends up being his name spelled backward. Kara helpfully points out that in some cultures, writing something down is the most important way of saying it, and she watches as Mxyzptlk is banished to the fifth dimension.

~~~~~THE NEXT DAY~~~~~

Winn and Lyra slept together, and Lyra is pleasantly surprised to learn that it wasn’t just a one night stand for him. She confesses that most humans only sleep with her to check it off as an “experience.” He tells her that he’d love a relationship with her, and asks if they can take it slow. It backfires marvelously when she asks to go to his place, and Winn readily agrees.


Alex trudges into her apartment, only to find a present with an address attached to it. She meets with Maggie while wearing her gift, a gorgeous red lace dress, who is standing in the center of a room, decked out in an adorable suit. Alex asks what’s going on, to which Maggie responds that this is her Valentine’s Day Prom. The detective apologizes and tells Alex that she deserves the flair and romantics that comes with being in a relationship, and the two kiss before dancing the night away.


Mon-El goes to see Kara to tell her that she’s awesome, and her plan was brilliant. He apologizes for being a jealous idiot, and she accepts his apology. She explains that outside of basically calling him an egotistical lunkhead, she didn’t mean it when she said they didn’t belong together. She had only said that in case Mxyzptlk was listening. After many episodes of arguing, almost kissing, and general name-calling, Mon-El and Kara finally embrace each other, and it seems like the two might find happiness in the hero/bartender business. That’s it for this episode of Supergirl! Tune in every Monday to the CW to see what happens next!

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