Powerless – Sinking Day

Source: NBCU // Powerless

Wayne Security tries to land a huge client and someone in the office might be a superhero.

As seems to be the pattern, the episode starts out with Van screwing up big time, losing a client that his father and nurtured and that had been with the company since it’s inception. Ace Chemicals made them 75 million dollars per year in billings! Papa Van hears about this and is pissed AF.

He lands angrily, yells at Van in front of everyone, tells him he’s lost all respect for him, and storms off to fix this mess.

Emily tries to get Van’s sprits up and suggests they just find a newer bigger client to impress Wayne Sr. He ends up being useless, while she gets them a meeting with some white dudes from Atlantis, with the opportunity to become the sole supplies of security materials to ALL of Atlantis.

Source: NBCU // Powerless

The pitch meeting goes okay, but the Atlantis guys are super impressed when Van lies and says he has a Sinking Party every year that Aquaman attends. The business dudes invite themselves to the party and Emily & Van do a perfect and impressive job at pulling it off! They guys are so impressed by the party that they don’t even care about Aquaman’s absence.

Ultimately, Van finally stands up to his father, Emily finally respects Van, and the firm gets to protect the people of Atlantis! (good luck to them tbh)

Also in this episode: Jackie, Ron & Teddy are convinced that one of their coworkers is actually a superhero that goes by the name “The Olympian.” They spend a lot of time trying to check his reflexes and observing his body type. Jackie offers to sleep with him, selflessly, but they decide to put a camera in the bathroom and fake an emergency to see if he’d go change into his gold costume. They get nowhere though, until Wendy hits him on the back with a chair and knocks him out, proving that he’s just a normal powerless human.

Source: NBCU // Powerless

Best Ron Superhero Alter-Ego Theory

  • Bruce Wayne is really The Flash and Stephen Baldwin is really just a character played by Alec Baldwin

Powerless airs Thursdays at 8:30/7:30c on NBC, following Superstore.

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