Bellamy you just made the list! Photo Credit: WWE

Clarke, Bellamy and Raven have been trying to figure out how to survive the radiation storm that is coming when they have visitors at the front gate that is Luna and the remaining of her people from the Oil Rig. Luna and her friends are sick with Acute Radiation Sickness. Luna tells them that the fish are dying, people are sick, and most have died but they need Skaikru medicine to get better. With this new found information and looking at the map Raven realizes that they won’t complete in time without speeding up the repair process dramatically.

Jaha believes that he found an alternative way to save people, he is trying to leave with the Rover to go investigate a doomsday bunker that was made to save thousands Their was a doomsday group called The Four Horsemen and Jaha did some research and feels he knows where the bunker is, at the childhood home of the leader. Raven doesn’t want to lose a day hauling things with the rover. Clarke and Bellamy feel that they need to at least try, Raven feels it’s wrong but Clarke says if they do go and it doesn’t work out that she will make the list of 100.

Abby is trying to save Luna, the child and the rest of the crew and she needs some radiation poisoning pills. Raven is in charge of all the rations and tells Abby that she won’t spare any of the radiation pills because she doesn’t know if they will work and that the people will be dead in 2 months time anyways. Jon is in the room trying to steal some food and overhears the conversation. He steals all the pills and gives them to Abby not knowing how many she needs. They give the first dose to the young girl to see if it works. We later find out it didn’t work.

Octavia is asked to kill the keeper of the flame to prevent from being challenged for leadership. Octavia goes to kill the keeper of the flame but Indra rushes into the room. It turns out that Indra is the mother of the keeper of the flame. Grounders are trying to break down the door to get inside and destroy the tech. Octavia has a plan to try to fool the grounders, they switch an amulet and the Grounders destroy what they believe to be the spirit of the commander. Octavia goes back to Roan and tells him that someone else was the keeper of the flame and that it was destroyed before she could get it. He gives her a new assignment to kill.

Clarke, Bellamy and Jaha arrive at the childhood home of the Four Horsemen looking for the underground bunker. They were able to find the bunker but couldn’t find a way to get inside as the door was sealed shut and meant to be open only from the inside. Bellamy decides to use the rover and the winch to open the door. When they get inside it is a blood bath as all the people seemed to have died quickly from radiation.


Luna looking better. Photo Credit: The 100/CW

With the bunker not working Clarke had to make a list of 100 survivors who would make it into the arc. She gets to 98 and has a block, she puts in Bellamy who says if Bellamy is 99 that Clarke needs to be 100 and he writes her name on the list.

Luna puts the girl to rest and Skaikru realizes that Luna is looking healthier and she didn’t get any medicine. They believe that it is because has night blood in her and they want to run tests on her. “From the ashes we will rise” is the mantra.