Saturday’s panel at SDCC featuring writers and the cast of The Flash was lively, entertaining and frustrated fans with how little was revealed and how MUCH was implied and left vague about season 3.


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*The season begins three months after Flashpoint

  • The effects of Flashpoint:
  • Barry grew up without the Wests
  • Cisco is a billionaire, living a life very different from last season
  • Flashpoint causes minor plot shifts across the DC-TV universe (paricularily on Arrow)
  • Barry choses to be oblivious to the magnitude of the changes that Flashpoint presents. He has his parents back, that’s enough for him.
  • Season 3 will feature TWO primary vilians: Dr. Alchemy and an unnamed speedster.
  • Flashpoint does NOT undo Barry’s initial zap by the particle accelerator.
  • Wally West is finally Kid Flash. Lonsdale explains that Kid Flash will be “in a very good place, mentally”, and even teases at overconfidence/cockiness.
    This will contrast perfectly with Barry’s famous self-doubt throughout season 3.
  • The WestAllen question was totally sidestepped, as always. Executive producer Todd Helbing says “in any timeline, Barry and Iris ultimately find each other”.
  • We still have no idea who Julian Dorne (Tom Felton) is, other than that he and Barry don’t hit it off at first.
  • Limited commentary on crossovers, but we are promised a Felicity/Barry scene at some point.
  • More West Family drama
  • Implied Cisco/Caitlin romance!? The question was asked and the cast got extremely giggly – STOP PLAYING WITH ME I HAVE TO KNOW
  • Tom Cavanaugh is likely not playing a character we’ve seen before – Grant Gustin confirmed that Harry is no longer in the picture.

*Alternatively, Cavanaugh could be playing Earth-1 Harrison Wells.


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The Flash returns on October 4th, 2016.

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