Source: CW The Flash

The Flash’s “Untouchable” seems to be a filler episode at first but ends up delivering the goods. We get a Wally West focused episode. We see Wally training harder than ever with team Flash. The idea of Wally having more potential to be faster than Barry is interesting. And this episode shows that Wally can do whatever he believes he can without making him seem overpowered.

The plot centered around a metahuman with the power of decay. This episode villain is a result of Flashpoint. I was impressed with how the writers still play up the consequences of BOTH Julian helping Savitar and Flashpoint. It didn’t feel forced or overplayed here. We also got a nice treat in the form of Killer Forst in this episode. We got to see Caitlin be somewhat able to control her powers and Wally learn some new moves as well. The villain, Yorklin was alright but I felt his motivations weren’t the best and seemed a bit weak. I didn’t care much for him but he was meant to serve to challenge Wally. Kid Flash really shines here and makes this episode worth watching. That and the great teaser in the end that sets up for Gorilla city. While this may not the biggest or most well-written episode it was still a very good contained story building up Kid Flash. Untouchable is filled with very important character moments which I believe comes to play later in the season and serves as story development.