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This post contains major spoilers for episode 1×08 of Krypton, “Savage Night.”

We start out this week with a flashback to two weeks ago when Adam first show’s up to tell Seg about Superman, his destiny, and to give him the key to the fortress. However, this time we get a little more information on what happens to Adam after the meeting with Seg. Adam is transported to a white corridor on the planet Rann (presumably) where we hear the voices of Sardath and Alanna who don’t think very highly of Adam. It is here where we find out that saving Superman isn’t Adam’s top motivation, his motivation is basically to prove to everyone he’s not a coward, he’s some type of hero, and to fall into the good graces of Sardath and Alanna (who in the comics is Adam’s wife).

In the present, Adam tracks down Kem and tries to get him to find Seg for him. Eventually Kem agrees Seg but he makes no promises. As Kem heads back to meet with Seg and the others he comes across a girl named Sevi, who like Ona, is a servant of the voice of Rao. She tells Kem of the birthing matrix and how its draining energy from the embryos inside. Kem asks about Ona and Sevi tells him that she is fine.

As Kem meets back with Seg, Dru (General)-Zod, Jayna Zod, Nyssa and Lyta, Kem alerts them of the information he’s just found out from Sevi. The team splits up into two groups: Seg, Lyta, and Nyssa head to the icy out lands to find Dev’s body because he’s still linked with Braniac’s sentry and Jayna and Dru-Zod go to Black Zero headquarters to ask for soldiers to help them take the voice of Rao down when he’s at his most vulnerable.

In the out skirts the team finds Dev but he’s barely alive. They pick him up and take him back to their headquarters while 2 mysterious people watch in the distance.

Dru-Zod and Jayna go to Black Zero headquarters and the leader, Jax-Ur, is not happy to see Dru. Dru-Zod eventually tells her about the threat of Braniac and Jax-Ur vows to help them but for a price, she wants Daron-Vex. They call over to Seg and the team to tell him of their deal, however, Nyssa is okay with the deal to hand over her father.

Meanwhile, Kem (not on the mission with the others) meets back up with Adam and they find Ona. Kem tries to get Ona to come back with him but she is full of hope and optimism and will not leave the voice of Rao. Kem tells her that she always has a place with him if she ever wants to leave. Unfortunately their meeting is cut short when Saggitari soldiers arrive. Afterwards, Kem tells Adam that he’s not helping and that he should go home.

Back on Rann, Adam pleads to Sardath and Alanna about finishing his mission on Krypton. Alanna doesn’t think he can do it, but since she’s never seen him care about anything this much (including her) they let him try. Adam then goes to Daron-Vex and tells him if he thinks he can outsmart the sentry posing as the voice of Rao “he’s dumber than a box of dumb things.” Adam tells him about wanting everything to go as planned and offers information about Braniac if Daron can deliver him Seg.

Dru-Zod talks to Jayna about the guy who’s kind of a big deal on Earth, named Superman. Zod tells her about Krypton blowing up and how Superman got his powers from the yellow sun, “dumb luck really,” he says. When asked where he was when Krypton exploded, Zod explains that he was in the Phantom Zone at the time. Jayna asks what he did to get himself thrown into the prison, he tells her he also attempted to overthrow a council, and Jor-El (Superman’s Father) threw him in the prison.

Our team of heroes and villains finally break into the voice of Rao’s genesis chamber as he is in a trance and not paying attention. Zod shoots him and disables his mind-controlled soldiers (including Dev). As he comes out of the trance, he grabs Dru-Zod and holds him in the air for a few seconds before Jayna shoots him and sends him over the ledge thousands of feet below, killing him we think.

Afterwards, our team heads back to Kem’s bar. Jayna who just had that conversation with Dru-Zod earlier can see right through Zod’s plan of being the ruler of Krypton and instantly tells Seg about it. Seconds later, young Ona walks in with a bomb attached to her from Braniac and goes kabloeey. Luckily, Adam had been watching Ona and uses his zeta-beam to form a wall around Lyta and Seg saving them from the blast. Adam is then transported somewhere strange he’s never been and see’s a woman standing completely still, not moving. As he approaches her, her eyes begin to shift and look at him.


Krypton has really improved over the second half of it’s first season and “Savage Night,” was another solid episode that definitely defies expectations in all the right ways. This episode focused on Adam and provided us with just as many questions as it gave us answers. While we do now know Adam’s main motivation and how he got his zeta-beam, it also makes us question just how much of a hero Adam is and if the planet Rann will play a big part in the final two episodes? It seems easy to root against Adam because he’s the fish out of water, he’s not from Krypton, he’s just a guy trying to save his idol by letting genocide happen like it’s supposed to in a place that doesn’t want him there. In the end he saves his friends with his zeta-beam but moments before he was willing to go to Daron-Vex in order to see his friend. While Adam might not be the one to save the day in the end, it will at-least be interesting to see what Adam is willing to do.

I don’t know the death toll on this show, but it seems like every week a featured character is killed in some capacity. This week we lost poor Ona (I hope she’s not dead) but we gained back Dev. Dev being alive will definitely complicate the relationships in the show, with everyone being teamed up together. We have the Seg-Lyta-Nyssa triangle and now the Lyta-Seg-Dev triangle, let the infighting begin.

While Braniac’s sentry was killed off (or so we think) the main threat hasn’t even arrived yet. While our team did get a victory in knocking the sentry from the genesis chamber, Braniac’s invasion isn’t even in full force yet. While things may just happen like they did in the past with Krypton being saved from Braniac’s invasion, any alteration to the time line could result in catastrophic results leading into season 2. I for one, can’t wait to see what happens next.