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Wow. Just wow. We (sort of) knew this was coming, but it didn’t really make it any easier. Especially since the episode seemed to be written specifically to punch you in the feels.

Some of you have no idea what I’m talking about…that’s good. Go away and don’t come back until you’ve watched Chapter 54. As for the rest of you…let’s unpack our emotions.

Since season one, our Latin lover narrator has dropped ominous hints about Michael’s fate. “He would love Jane until his dying breath” always stuck out the most. The wishful thinkers hoped that would mean The Notebook style where they’re lying in bed together clutching each other’s hands, but the Telenovela lovers knew better. Jane’s entire story is built on her being thrown curve balls. First, she was artificially inseminated, now…she’s a widow at 25. Michael was an amazing first love and first husband. He was a hilarious, kind, and caring character. He will be sorely missed, but it will be SO interesting to see how Jane develops from here. Will she still be a romantic? Or will she be cynical and cold? We honestly don’t know. And luckily, we won’t have to wait too long to find out. The writers chose to jump three years into the future, because they believed that was an appropriate amount of time for Jane to mourn and begin to move on with her life. It’s not that Jane will ever get OVER Michael, but she will continue her journey and you know she will accomplish great things. Hopefully a lot of which we will get to see.

A lot of fans are mad about this new plot development…and I totally understand. I always talk about how I’m #teamRaf, but I do like Michael’s character and I cried when he died. For those of you who think it’s lazy writing and feel like you want to quit the show, I encourage you to read Jennie Urman’s letter to the fans (attached below). This was always in the cards for Michael. And jumping forward isn’t lazy, either, it allows the Jane’s story to stay light.

While we have no real idea of what to expect in the future…but in the present, several storylines came to a significant turning point. More specifically, points at which you could begin a new part (Part 3):

  • Rafael is headed to jail. He’s turning himself in for the stolen art. He wants to be a good influence for his kids.
  • Related to that, Petra has finally formed connections with her children. So she feels comfortable caring for them while Rafael is “away”.
  • Xiomara bonded with Bruce’s daughter Tess, and she may move in with Bruce in the near future.
  • After a “failed” indie movie cameo and a viral video, Rogelio joined Darci’s reality show, leaving them in a great place romantically.
  • Luisa is back and STILL with Rose (whom is now disguised as Elizabeth Rohm).
  • And Jane got a great job as the assistant to a publisher that could really launch her career.

Basically, no one could’ve predicted the directions of ANY of these characters at the beginning of this season, but this is where they are, and we can assume it will catapult some major changes in the three year time jump.

This episode was a beautiful tribute to Michael, and I’m sure as long as the show is one, the impact of his character will remain.