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Critical darling Halt and Catch Fire has operated under the shadow of ratings monster “The Walking Dead” for three seasons on AMC. Coming into its fourth and final season, the little-show-that-could is giving its small but dedicated audience all that it can and more.

Jumping ahead a year or so, season four sees Joe and Gordon running the company together with limited consulting input from an out of sight Cameron. Having told her husband about her one night affair with Joe, Cameron is persona non grata in Silicon Valley. As building an ethernet/intranet takes hands-on presence, this irritates Gordon and Joe to no end.

And then Cameron shows up.

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The balance that Joe had a tenuous hold on is thrown off course when a sad and plaintive Cameron slinks back to the Bay area. Their relationship-both personal and professional-has always been one of extremes. When it was good, fabulous. But when it was bad, business actually failed. And with Joe comforting Cameron during her divorce (oh yeah, her husband Tom waved bye), the professional is sure to fluctuate.

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And what’s up with former friend/wife/business partner Donna? She’s running things as the money point person at her an investment firm. She is ruthless and suffers no setbacks. When she learns of Joe’s idea to codify and collate every website into a user friendly search engine, she passes that info to her own in-house developers. The split between the former Mutiny folks is complete.

If there was any doubt to how severed Donna and Cameron’s friendship was, their interaction at a gaming panel solidified that. In an industry dominated by men, two powerful women can’t stand to be in the same room together.

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These final few episodes of Halt and Catch Fire are proving to be full of dramatic performances and early days, internet buildup intrigue. Let’s see how it all ends, shall we?

Halt and Catch Fire airs Saturdays at 9PM on AMC.