Source: Better Call Saul AMC

SPRING 2017.

Yeah, that’s all we got, but during AMC’s “White Christmas” Breaking Bad series marathon, we did get a couple of short teaser commercials for season 3 to tide us over until we get a solid date. The headline here is JIMMY GETS ARRESTED, although we don’t know exactly why or how. Given that Chuck’s got the receipts on Jimmy it’s not a huge stretch to think he’s got something to do with it. Then again, knowing Satan & Satan Gilligan & Gould, the teaser could be completely misleading. After all, is it really such a stretch to think that Jimmy could get himself arrested for something completely unrelated? Didn’t think so.

We don’t know much about the arrest except for the fact that Jimmy is choosing to represent himself and that he’s solidly in the running for America’s Next Top Mugshot. Hopefully, if early 2017 chooses to be kind and merciful, we’ll get a few more table scraps from the Gilligang to tide us over. I’ve got to say, I’m pretty disappointed that my winter Mondays won’t be brightened by new BCS episodes and the immediate fandom meta/gif making/collective hair-pulling that always occurs. It was an important part of my self-care routine during the winter months and haven’t figured out a suitable substitute. That said, the return of BCS will make spring that much sweeter. In the meantime, I’ll take whatever vague garbage AMC wants to throw at me. Desperation is a stinky cologne, but it’s one I feel like Jimmy would wear.