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So this week we get Jasmine and Aladdin, and exactly how Aladdin became the Saviour. Seems it was a lot easier for him than it was for Emma! Also, Archie’s evil twin and the Evil Queen and Zelena have some serious sisterly bonding time.

  • Oooooo Agrabah
  • Ugh. Jafar
  • Aladdin?
  • Aladdin is stealing while Jafar is doing a speech on stealing? Fair enough
  • Jasmine… hires Aladdin. To take down Jafar?
  • Why is Jasmine so sure Aladdin can help?
  • Haha! She’s brilliant
  • Iago was watching? That doesn’t sound good
  • “I really don’t think chasing a bird is an effective form of therapy”
  • Emma, don’t shout at Archie!
  • Aaaaaaand the Oracle is dead. Whoops?
  • Jasmine? Wait. What?
  • Jasmine, you can tell them who you are. They’re literally the only people you can trust
  • Emma still hasn’t learnt that telling people you saw a movie about them isn’t helpful!
  • Jasmine is looking for Aladdin. So Emma asks where he is. OF COURSE SHE DOES’NT KNOW
  • Dramatic music!!
  • Evil Queen leave Archie alone!!
  • Archie!!
  • Evil Queen disguised like Archie!! What the hell!!
  • Nawww! Zelena let him go! Please!
  • Evil Archie, go away!
  • I’m not sure if it’s better or worse that Emma’s told the Evil Queen about Aladdin and not her vision
  • I’ve finally twigged Aladdin’s accent. He’s Australian! Australian Aladdin!
  • He’s given you an apple. That means he isn’t selfish
  • Aladdin’s going to be the Diamond in the Rough isn’t he? Seeing as he’s a Saviour
  • Nononononononono. Fake Archie. Fake Archie!!
  • Yay for thieving!
  • Aladdin has magic. Of course
  • Typical teenage boy response. “Do you want to play video games?”
  • Sisterly bonding
  • Not a good conversation! No wicked babies!
  • Oooo clever Regina
  • Hey Jafar!
  • Surely death is the fate of everyone? Eventually
  • I don’t think listening to Jafar is a good idea
  • But a magical thing to sever ties with your destiny sounds like fun
  • That looked painful
  • Pretty magic hourglass
  • Where did the magic carpet come from???
  • Ah of course. Instant love. They’ve known each other all of ten seconds
  • Yay creepy crypt!
  • Is it wrong that I want it to be a crypt of Saviours?
  • Yup, Aladdin’s dead. It’s obvious by the way a small piece of jewellery was on a skeleton
  • It’s not your fault, Henry!!!
  • Okay it’s kinda your fault… but it’s not your fault!
  • Awwwwww!
  • “Let’s not think about the ending of this story, endings usually suck”
  • Aladdin isn’t dead!!
  • Past!Aladdin and Jasmine are kinda cute
  • When did you last let your heart decide?
  • Sudden magical satchel? With the shears? Dammit Jafar!
  • Aladdin destroyed Agrabah by stopping being the Saviour. So gives Emma the shears.
  • Aladdin go to Jasmine!!
  • Yeah… he’s not the Saviour
  • Archie!! No!
  • And of course he Charmings all band together
  • Someone is definitely going to find them, aren’t they
  • He’s still got them
  • Hook!! Emma said no more secrets!!

Next time, Emma does her best to do the whole Saviour thing. And Hook is kidnapped. Just another day at the office!!

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