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Episode synopsis:

“When a best-selling novelist is murdered, Lucifer and Chloe discover that her books are based on real people from her past, and must infiltrate her high school reunion in order to catch her killer. Meanwhile, Amenadiel and Linda struggle with making their relationship public.” – Fox

Lucifer is back, baby.

“High School Poppycock” opens with Lucifer having a crazy, crazy wing related dream involving Decker’s death.

Whoa, Ella dyed her hair blue, never mind it is a wig and she wants Decker to wear one too. She’s trying to have some “stupid fun.”

Decker and Lucy are on a case, naturally.

Kathleen Pike is the science fiction writer of the Class of 3001 books and she’s dead. She was found in her home with her head bashed in by her vintage typewriter, how ironic. She had just finished her latest novel and the manuscript is now missing.

Lucifer keeps looking for advice about finding a new way to kill Pierce, as of now no one is helpful. Thanks to Dan’s advice, Lucy tries some improv in real life. Yes and.

After talking to her editor, Lucifer believes Kathleen’s manuscript could hold the key to unlocking his “writer’s block.”

Amenadiel and Linda have a private date in Linda’s office to hide their relationship from Maze. They both feel bad but Maze is kind of scary and all.

Kathleen was having some trouble with a rabid fan online named Ashley.

Amenadiel is tasked by Linda with checking on Maze. Maze knows and has Trixie lie to Amenadiel to keep him away but she gives Maze an idea.

Decker tracked Ashley’s IP address to an ice cream shop. The plot thickens, the ice cream that was at the crime scene is from that very shop. As soon as they reveal themselves, Claire runs and we find out Ashley is a man.

Ashley checks out. During questioning he revealed Kathleen’s original inspiration, her high school. Everything in her books was based on high school. She didn’t even change names. The suspects are the major characters in the books. To get close to them Lucifer and Decker are going undercover at Kathleen’s high school reunion. Lucifer will assume the identity of “ugly duckling” Todd Cornwell.

Maze questions Linda about her romantic life. Because Linda doesn’t have one, allegedly, Maze wants to set her up with someone.

Meanwhile Decker spent the whole night reading Class of 3001.

Now to the class of 2001 reunion. High school reunions are popular torture in hell. Decker is way too in to the books and the real-life characters.

Time for the pair to split up and question some suspects.

The real Todd is Linda’s date for the night and it’s a double date with Amenadiel and Maze. As expected the double date is super-duper awkward. Todd makes his own toothpaste, that’s not weird at all.

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It doesn’t look like any of the suspects did it. Holy crap, Todd’s the killer, the real Todd. It looks like Todd wasn’t too happy about being left out of the books.

Before Decker and Lucy can break up the double date, Linda and Maze get into a heated argument.

Okay, maybe Todd’s not the killer. He just visited her the day she was killed. Apparently, Kathleen wanted Todd’s help with the new book and she was making him the hero.

Okay, so, now the editor is the suspect. And he did it. He hated the book so, he killed her because he wanted Ashley’s ending. The worst part is that the editor destroyed the manuscript, Lucy can’t find out how to break his “writer’s block.”

Amenadiel and Linda break up.

Lucifer said high school poppycock and takes Decker to prom.

Lucifer is going to rewrite history to remove the Mark of Cain, not entirely sure how that’s gonna happen.

A solid episode for the return.

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