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Gotham Mad City, What Happened So Far?

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Sadly our favourite series had its mid-season finale last week. But before we are going spend the holidays in a corner crying, because of the stupid thing Gordon has done I’d like to give you a recap of all that has happened these last 11 episodes. I can’t believe we already had so many! To me, it feels like we just had a couple of five. I think that the easiest way to give you the full recap is to treat every character separately.

Bruce has been through a lot these past episodes. Bruce and Alfred return to Gotham and call a meeting with the Wayne Enterprises Board of Directors, where Bruce threatens to disseminate his evidence pertaining to the person in charge behind the scenes unless he is contacted by them within 24 hours. After that, he got kidnapped by the Court of Owls, because he is trying to find the true identity of the Court. Although they especially told him not to. He also finally confessed his feelings for Selina, but it is still a mystery whether or not they are actually a couple. With the key that Ivy stole, they went on a mission to find the vault that contains an owl that supposedly can bring the Court to its end. But since nothing seems to go according to plan in Gotham, Talon attacks them before Alfred kills him and they are being rescued by Selina’s mother.

This Bruce Wayne look-a-like is one of the escapees out of Indian Hill last season. He didn’t know that he looked like Bruce until Ivy mistakes him for Bruce. As soon as Five (a.k.a Subject 514A) knows about Bruce his existence, he follows him and even breaks into Wayne Manor. But when the real Bruce finds him an episode later, he takes him in, offering a place to sleep. Selina doesn’t know about the doppelganger and she accepts Five his invitation to go town, not knowing who he really is. Five assists Selina in robbing a bar and rescues her when she is captured, but she sees the scars on his body and identifies him as an imposter. Five admits he wanted to experience a normal life by socialising with someone, but Selina reassures him that he is more normal than he thinks, and they kiss. After his kiss with Selina, he realises that he doesn’t belong in Gotham and bids farewell to Bruce. But before he even has the time to leave,  he is kidnapped by the Court.

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At the beginning of the season, Selina is hanging out with Fish, but as soon as Fish tries to kill Ivy, she decides that she is better off without Fish. Then she meets Five, who kisses her and later Bruce tells her that he likes her, but she dismissively tells him that he only feels that way because he’s never dated anyone. Bruce reasserts his feelings and Selina kisses him. This new found couple helps Ivy to return the necklace that she stole, before realising it is a key. Selina and Bruce break into the vault and after that we meet Selina’s mother for the very first time.

This season we saw a huge change going on with Ivy. After she spies on Fish and her gang, she is touched by one of Fish’s helpers, one who can accelerate a person’s ageing process, and assumed dead. But luckily, Ivy washes ashore in the docks as a grown woman. We see her using her new knowledge about plants and taking advantage of her body to seduce men and then steal from them. This takes a turn to the wrong side because she is followed by people seeking to kill her. She believes that she is being hunted because of a necklace that she stole and has no other choice than to reveal herself to Bruce and Selina in her new adult form.

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When we first meet Gordon this season, he has become a bounty hunter tracking down the Arkham Asylum escapees. After Penguin puts a $1,000,000 bounty on Fish, he decides to go after her with the help of Valerie Vale. They track down Strange’s assistant Ethel Peabody, but she is captured and killed by Fish. Eventually, to save Bullock from Fish, he makes a deal to let her escape with Strange if she hands over Bullock. But because he still likes the sound of  the $1,000,000 bounty,  Gordon informs Penguin of her escape route.

Then he is hired by Jervis Tetch to find his sister Alice, an Indian Hill escapee whose blood contains a virus. When Gordon tells Alice that  she wants nothing to do with her brother, Gordon questions Tetch, who hypnotises him into nearly committing suicide. Alice saves Gordon, who brings her into GCPD. When Tetch comes around to kidnap Alice from the GCPD, Gordon finds out that he is still under the influence of Tetch’s hypnosis but he overcomes them and breaks the spell. What follows is a cat and Mouse spell between Tetch and Gordon, since Tetch blames him for Alice’s death. When Gordon has to make a choice between Lee and Valerie, he chooses Lee, causing Valerie to get shot. Valerie recovers but ends her relationship with Gordon, knowing he manipulated Tetch into shooting her instead of Lee.

After all that happened, especially after he is exposed to a powerful hallucinogen called the “Red Queen”, he decides to honour his father by rejoining the GCPD. Where he has to fight Barnes, who becomes mad due to the Alice Tetch virus. That works, but since Mario has the virus as well he has to fight of Mario who orchestrates a series of events that make it appear that Gordon is trying to sabotage his and Lee’s marriage to make her really hate Gordon. Gordon arrives at their honeymoon and is just in time to see Mario trying to kill Lee. He guns Mario down in order to save Lee.

Barbara & Tabitha & Butch
Barbara and Tabitha now own a nightclub in Gotham. Where Gordon asks Barbara’s help once in a while. When Butch is hunted down by Penguin for being the leader in the new Red Hood Gang, he and Tabitha go into hiding. But their hiding is not good enough because Nygma kidnaps them thinking they have something to do with Isabella’s death. And tortures Butch and Tabitha, before discovering that they are not responsible. Showing remorse after cutting off Tabitha’s hand, he allows them to go the hospital with help from Barbara. Plotting revenge, they seek a way to put Penguin and Nygma against each other. Barbara informs Nygma that Cobblepot killed Isabella because he’s in love with him. After realising it’s the truth, Barbara and Nygma plan to betray Cobblepot and usurp his power in the mob

Our favourite riddle asking person is still in Arkham at the beginning of the season. To aid with his campaign, Cobblepot has Nygma declared legally sane and released from Arkham. Nygma teaches Cobblepot a great lesson to let him see that even without bribing the campaign, he can become mayor and Nygma ends up being the Head of Staff. He meets the love of this life, Isabella, but due to the jealousy of Penguin he loses her. Making him wanting to destroy Cobblepot so much that he starts working with Barbara.

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Penguin puts a $1,000,000 bounty on Fish, dead or alive. But when he is finally in front of her and prepared to kill her, but when she reveals that she let him live because he was her greatest creation, he lets her go. In order to clean up Gotham’s corrupt system, he tries to run for mayor. He isn’t very confident in his own victory, so he bribes campaign officials to buy the election. To his great shock, he wins the election and because Nygma helped him he becomes Cobblepots most trusted friend and ally. Cobblepot’s term as mayor starts off well, but a new Red Hood Gang appears and openly challenges his authority. Nygma discovers that Butch is behind the new gang as part of a scheme to make himself Cobblepot’s right-hand man again. At a celebratory party in the mayor’s honour, Nygma manipulates Butch into exposing himself as the mastermind behind the Red Hoods. After which he goes into hiding.

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Some time later, Cobblepot realises that he’s in love with Nygma and plans to confess his feelings to him, only Nygma is already in love with Isabella. Cobblepot attempts to manipulate Isabella and Nygma into breaking off their relationship, but to no avail. The only thing he knows to do is to kill Isabella and blame Butch for it. When Nygma finds out, Cobblepot promises to help bring retribution to Butch. In the end, he doesn’t know that Nygma knows that he is the one behind the murder of Isabella.

The main bad guy this season was hypnotist Jervis Tetch. He asks for Gordon’s help to find his sister Alice. When Alice doesn’t want anything to do with him, Tetch hypnotises Gordon into nearly committing suicide, and the wrestling Tweedle Brothers to help him break into GCPD and kidnap Alice. It all goes wrong when Alice tries to escape and is impaled on a pipe, leaving a grief-stricken Tetch to escape himself. To revenge his sister’s death on Gordon, he kidnaps both women Gordon loves, Lee and Valerie and lets him choose between them. But not before he lets Gordon choose two more times between different people’s lives. Tetch breaks into the morgue and drains the blood from Alice’s corpse so he can spread the virus at a founders’ party, but he is arrested and sent to Arkham.

Lee & Mario
Six months after the last sighting of Fish Mooney, Lee has moved on with a new man in her life, Mario Calvi, the son of the ex-Don Carmine  Falcone. After living somewhere else, they decide to move to Gotham again where Lee gets her old job at the GCPD back and Mario gets a job in the hospital. She does a lot of research on the blood from Alice Tetch and eventually she helps to make a test to determine whether or not someone has the virus. They also make their engagement known by throwing an engagement party.  When Mario is targeted by assassins, Falcone deduces that the Court is responsible and successfully blackmails them into ceasing their attack. But what he doesn’t know is that he is being chased because he also has the virus. Infected by Alice Tetch’s blood, Mario vows to make Lee hate Gordon. The plan works, and just before Mario and Lee’s wedding, Lee swears to never to see Gordon again. On their honeymoon, Mario attempts to kill Lee, but Gordon arrives and guns him down, much to Lee’s shock.

While investigating the crime scene where Alice died, Barnes becomes infected by Alice’s dripping blood. He eventually starts to lose his control  when he is questioning a suspect and even kills a criminal instead of arresting him. He begins hearing voices that urge him to kill more criminals, but at the same time, he makes plans to turn himself to police custody. This fails when he sees a criminal that should be in lockup at Lee and Mario’s engagement party. He kills the criminal and plans to murder criminals on a larger scale. Driven mad by the virus, Barnes has become a vigilante, murdering any criminals that cross his path. After Gordon becomes suspicious of Barnes, he attempts to frame Gordon for the murder of a low-level criminal but is unable to convince the GCPD.  After a showdown, Barnes is arrested and send to Arkham Asylum.

Source: Fox // Gotham

We here at TGON think that season 3 is by far the best season yet. Season 2 was alright, but compared to this season it was slightly disappointing. It was too much outlandishness, too quick. Season 3 dialled it back a little. Made it more…continues. and FINALLY nailed the plot twist. So far it has that perfect medium between supernatural and mystical and then…average everyday villains and vigilantes. And I can’t wait for new events that are going to happen and the new and old characters that will be introduced.

The new Gotham arrives for us all January 16th 2017.

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