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Grab Your Liquor and Gear Up For the Return of Drunk History Tonight

Sure, you could wallow in self-pity because your fall shows are on hiatus. But while you’re throwing that pity party, you make sure you have a fully stocked liquor cabinet because Drunk History is back for the summer!

While we don’t know much about tonight’s episode, it’s safe to say that it’s going to be a doozy. The plot will focus on World War II, which is a broad theme to capture, but there’s bound to be an unsung hero or two brought to light during a drunken escapade. And after the last WWII story from Tiffany Haddish, I have zero doubt that this episode will bring us some amazing talent from the storytellers and the re-enactors.

You can check out the trailer below for peeks at upcoming episodes. Don’t forget to follow @TheGameofNerds or me on Twitter for updates about the show!


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