2016 Delivered in Anime

Love anime? LGBT? Want to see representation of healthy relationships?

2016 has your back (for once)

Source: Reddit

Yuri on Ice


Izetta: The Last Witch

Source: Reddit

These new anime not only offer canonical gay and lesbian relationships (respectively), the offer humor, action, and strong art.

source: Tumblr

Both also take inspiration from the real world with Yuri being based on the world of competitive figure skating and paying homage to real athletes such as Yuzuru Hanyu and Johnny Weir. The latter even acknowledged the show on his official Facebook!

Source: Official Johnny G. Weir Facebook Page

Izetta really takes the cake tho. Set in an early World War 2 Europe in an alternate Earth timeline we follow the last wotch of her clan swear to protect her country and princess (obviously an ally nation).

Source: Tumblr

While less popular than Yuri, we urge anyone who has ever enjoyed anime to give Izetta a watch!


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