We get blessed with a new location this week, though our fear squad didn’t enjoy things as much as we did as a viewer. The new location is in an underground parking structure, the first images we get are of walkers being decomposed for fertilizer. There is a voice going on over the intercom spitting out the propaganda to his followers. The decaying bodies are decomposed which in turn feed the plants which feed the people and so on and so forth. They have a walker that seems to be a centerpiece, it is under light and has ivy growing from it, with dirt around and such, the walker is still alive, it’s a metaphor for the propaganda that is being pumped through the intercom.

“I swear the Chicken Nuggets aren’t hot.” Pictured above the Chicken Nuggets. Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 11 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Alicia, Al, Luciana, and Wes are ‘captured’ by the new group being overrun by a bunch of walkers on the road. I use that term loosely because I think that was obviously their plan for recon all along. After exiting the elevator Wes is enamored with an intricate painting on the wall almost like he has seen it before. Riley, the name of the one running the show at the moment is interviewing everyone by themselves one at a time. Neither side, no matter who is sitting in the interview, gives away any sort of information. After all the individual interviews he walks them around, he says that it takes the walkers a couple of months to decompose and that it is perfectly safe and it’s what’s been happening in life forever, Al says it’s impressive all they have but it seems they are prepping for something and Riley says that they are actually planning on closing out the entrance to the outside world for good.

Riley asks each person individually what they see when they look at the walker under the light with the ivy growing from it. Nobody gives him the right answer or any real answer besides a walker that needs to be put down. Riley says it’s OK that nobody gets the answer right on the first try anyway. Everyone down there seems to have such a fascination with Teddy, and when everyone thinks he is returning from a trip they all rush to the elevator to see him. To the dismay of many, Teddy wasn’t a part of the group that has returned, but Wes’s brother, Derek was one of them and they had a nice reunion. Derek got cut off from his brother while looking for a coffee creamer, he said he got blocked by walkers and hid and passed out, when he woke up he was at this place. He says he paints murals so everyone can see what he sees, he tells Wes he doesn’t think he is ready to see it but he will. After Derek goes to a shift in the garden, Luciana goes to Wes to warn him about his brother, desperate people believe in desperate things, she knows it happened to her. Wes doesn’t think his brother is capable of doing anything bad and storms off, next scene has the group eating, I presume dinner when Riley comes up and whispers to Derek that they have to go topside. Al convinces Wes to search his brother’s bunk while he is out for some clues.

Derek does have some stuff hidden away in his bunk, some maps, coordinates, and notes from the CRM, he also has coordinated to tank town and a logbook of who was going in and out of the oil fields. They were planning the attacks for a long time and trying to do as much damage as possible. Later, Wes confronts his brother about the attacks, he wants to know how his brother knows about those things, he says that everything up top has to end up top so things can start over again. Wes tells his brother that he was at the oil fields, he almost died, and good innocent people died. Wes wanted to know if he knew, Derek said he didn’t but if he did he would have made sure he got out safe, and Wes realizes that that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t have still done the attacks. Wes talks about how Morgan Jones isn’t like Teddy, this causes Derek to stop in his tracks, he asks about Virginia and Wes tells him that she is gone and Morgan helped with that. Derek wants to know where Morgan is but Wes won’t give that information up, he says he knows his brother is lost. Wes convinces his brother to come with them, and they won’t get caught or they will all die.

All of them get in an elevator with Derek. Alicia asks what Derek has in the backpack. He says maps and coordinates of where they were going to hit next so nobody else will get hurt. Alicia knows that’s a lie since they have all the maps already. Alicia doesn’t trust him, hits him, and takes his gun. Riley and some thugs are there to take them hostage in an embalming room. Riley wants to know where Morgan Jones is, and if they don’t get the information they will embalm them all starting with Wes. He is not cooperating and Riley says, your brother thought you would be more cooperative than this. Derek comes into the room and says he only double-crossed his brother when he mentioned Morgan. Derek believes that Wes can see the truth now too and asks Riley for permission to take Wes. The brothers go to look at the walker again, Wes says that he sees that his brother is done inside and goes for Derek’s gun. They have a struggle and Derek seems to be overpowering Wes who does a counter and drives Derek right into the walker who takes a bite out of Derek’s neck. Wes tells his brother that he loves him, that he loved him, and shoots him in the head.

Hearing the gunshot Riley has his goons start the process again for embalming this time with Alicia, Wes barrels through the door and gets Riley at gunpoint, and tells them to let her go. The group escapes into a new room and wedges the door shut with an ax. The room is filled with embalmed walkers, with their mouths wired shut and hanging by their hands from chains in the ceiling. The group makes its way until Al sees someone in CRM gear, she goes up to it and flips up the facemask and it’s not beer lady. Alicia comes and kills the walker shortly after the mouth is freed and asks what that’s about. Luciana and Wes are having trouble with the door, they need a diversion and a way to take down the place. Al knows that the embalming liquid is flammable so Alicia offers to stay to slash some walker heads to have the liquid go all over the floor so Al can help get the door open. Those three escape, Alicia lights the place on fire, back at Morgan’s camp the three, minus Alicia fill Morgan in on what is going on, how the fire is bad, she might have made it out she might not have. They did see some people scatter, they also let Morgan know that the group knows all about Morgan and he doesn’t seem to know why that would be. Morgan says they need to start tracking from the parking garage and see what comes up.

Al stays behind a bit and looks concerned and Dwight asks what is going on, she tells him about the coordinates and how she thinks the group was trying to get a hold of a chopper and that could do some real damage. She has some new drop point destinations and wants to go look for and warn beer lady. Dwight says if she doesn’t check in every couple of days he will go looking for her. Back at the parking structure, Alicia was captured, Riley has his assistant gear up to embalm Alicia to end her life. Alicia fights back and ends up piercing his eye before injecting him with embalming liquid.

Teddy comes in and wants a moment alone with Alicia, he looks at the fallen soldier and stabs him in the head, he is the weird doctor type person that John Dorie was talking about in his stories that his dad gave up his career for. Alicia tells him that she isn’t buying any of the bull crap he is selling. Teddy is pissed that Alicia ruined years of work he has put into this place, but he says you live by the sword, you know how the rest of it goes so fair is fair. Teddy says he doesn’t want to kill Alicia, he wants to save her, he has been looking for someone like her for an awfully long time.

John Glover as Teddy- Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 11 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC