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Bates Motel-“The Cord” Series Finale Recap

Photo Source: Bates Motel, Courtesy of A&E

“There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.”

Dorothy, The Wizard of Oz

After five seasons of inappropriate parent-child relations, “Bates Motel” went out the same way it premièred: with Norma and Norman Bates together.

The creepily close mother-son duo became a figment of Norman’s imagination when he blasted their home full of carbon monoxide, killing Norma last season. The fundamental shift of losing Norma physically appeared to totally unhinge Norman; this finale season attested to that with many a murder committed by “Mother.”

Photo Source: Bates Motel, Courtesy of A&E

The wildcard-as always-seemed to be Dylan. Retaining an attorney for Norman, his conflict between protecting his brother and loyalty to Emma was never more in doubt than in than in the finale. Norman having killed Emma’s mother, Dylan was pulled in multiple directions; causing tension in his marriage and the ultimate stress in his life.

We haven’t spoken about a character so far removed from season one’s personality, he appeared to be a completely different person. Former sheriff Romero. A man so hell bent on avenging Norma’s murder, he broke out of prison. A man so utterly devoted to putting a bullet in Norman’s brain, he kidnapped an arrested Norman and one of his former staff. Was it any wonder that this broken, devastated man lowered his guard upon seeing Norma’s embalmed body in the snow…and was promptly beaten and shot by Norman? Not really.

Photo Source: Bates Motel, Courtesy of A&E

The end was as climactic and sad and terrible as we all imagined it would be. As an avid watcher of “Bates Motel,” I believed it would always come down to the brothers. Dylan versus Norman. Mano y Mano. Dylan made his mind up regarding taking Norman out the minute he took the gun from his old associate. Did he want to shoot his brother? I don’t think so. Did Norman want to die? Absolutely. In that absolute moment of clarity, Norman saw his ability to get to Norma and he took it.

The pain and living with that pain is the final testament of “Bates Motel.” Dylan was the wildcard. Dylan survived to feel the pain…and he was a better man for it.

Photo Source: Bates Motel, Courtesy of A&E

Kudos to the talented cast and crew for five awesome seasons of “Bates Motel.”
Kudos to the cast and crew for an awesome five seasons of “Bates Motel.”

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