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Episode Synopsis:

Jess and the gang are determined to have the best Thanksgiving ever, but everything falls through when Robby shows up unexpectedly and Schmidt’s father arrives with a broken heart.

Another shot

So like a broken record, I’m stating again that I don’t like Jess and Robby together. It just makes me wince with uncomfortableness and even though Robby actually became a man and stood up for Jess, that was only one time. I really thought it was going to be over between them in this episode because Jess was finally going to tell Robby the truth, but of course at the last minute, they decided to reconcile and give their relationship another go. Ugh! And along with this relationship, I was so happy Cece was trying to tell Jess to throw down the hammer. You need to listen to your best friend Jess! She knows you inside and out. Lastly, I was glad we got a little Nick and Jess moment thrown in. It kind of sucks that it had to be about Reagan, but it was nice to see that even though Jess still has feelings for Nick, she can still console him about his situation with his girlfriend.

Father and son

Gavin was back in this episode, which was a nice change to the loft Thanksgiving, but the poor guy was feeling down. Except later on, no one was feeling bad for him. It was so funny seeing Schmidt and Gavin’s relationship progress throughout the episode. They were so happy to see each other in the beginning, and Schmidt thought he was going to spend quality time with his dad and do father and son things, but in true New Girl fashion, things got turned upside down. Schmidt sat with his dad and Nick, drinking and being depressed, then tried to salvage his father’s relationship, only to find out that his dad has been sleeping with several women at the same time. Now we know where Schmidt’s wild side came from. Lastly, when things were really going awry, Schmidt got a little pep talk from Cece, and came to realize that even though his father isn’t that much of a role model, he can’t keep him out of his life again. And in this instance, this shows yet again, that Schmidt and Cece are a great couple. Cece has seen over the years, how Schmidt has wanted a father figure, and now, she’s trying to make that happen. It’ll be nice to see Gavin show up every once in and while now that he’s apart of Schmidt’s life.

Let down

Poor Nick Miller was let down by Reagan, and that made me mad. This just shows that these two should not be together. This just foreshadows that this relationship won’t last because Reagan doesn’t like to be tied down. She’s always going place to place, so who knows if she can make her and Nick’s relationship last. This is why I always cheer on Nick and Jess. Throughout all the seasons, there’s always instances where either Nick or Jess, make an effort to be somewhere important for the other person, whether it’s a wedding, a funeral, etc. They always take care of each other and know when to be by each others side. Has this been the case with Nick and Reagan? Not really. Yes, Reagan came to Schmidt and Cece’s wedding, but she’s not the most reliable person. Apparently, Reagan will be at the loft during the Christmas episode, so we’ll see what happens during that holiday.

On an end note, it was stated during the end of the episode, that this is the last time Schmidt and Cece will be living in the loft during Thanksgiving. Tear…. I loved that the gang reminisced about past Thanksgivings and if the show continues on, I’m curious to see what Schmidt and Cece will do next year. Will the gang have Thanksgiving at their house instead or will they continue with their usual tradition?