Trust me I love Althea, and after hearing we are going to have a Althea centered episode with someone from the same helicopter crew that took Rick I couldn’t wait for this episode to begin, sadly when all was said and done, I was hoping to learn a bit more about the secret group. You don’t have to be a detective to decode that opening paragraph and we didn’t really learn a lot.

The soldier as we knew knocked out Al, she was able to wake up to see the soldier burn the body of the other one and escaped. Al had her hands tied and escaped with her camera. Soldier had a huge thing about getting the tape back the entire episode. Al tries to escape, loses a boot, fends off some walkers and is finally saved by the soldier. This time Al is hands tied to the inside of a vehicle. Al uses some crafty foot skills to lure a walker through a barb wire perimeter, and able to use her feet to grab the barb wire to untie her hands. After smashing the walkers head repeatedly in the vehicle she sets out to see what the soldier is trying to keep from everyone, and it’s a helicopter! Al tries to start it but no gas, and she tries to reach Morgan and “home base” responds right before the soldier returns. The home base asks about Beckett and the soldier says Beckett is dead, she needs fuel to get back and can in 72 hours. Home base says they are sending a reclamation team and the soldier looks shook.

Very cut and dry, no personalities, and it’s obvious fear is a big factor. The two playing verbal chicken in regards to the story or the tape was nice, but nothing interesting here. Along the trip audience learns a bit on why Al is so into the stories, at the beginning she set out to get the story and didn’t get to save or say goodbye to her brother who died while she was gone. She keeps the tape and wants his story to live on. The two traveled in vehicle, and on foot, and rock climbed to get up to the fuel drop. But nothing of importance during that stretch.


Al wants to take some gas and get ghost. Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

At the top, Al turns the tables and gets the soldiers gun, for her operational security, after learning that the soldier has protocols and that she is supposed to make sure no stories or people see them and is supposed to kill Al for operational security. Al threatens to take the gun and the gas and take another vehicle out if she has to, when the soldier says she will tell her story. She says where she is at, and she won’t say where or the name, they look to the future and to keep people around to hear stories. Her mission was the same as always get in and get out, this time for purifying water. Nuclear plant nearby was where they were doing it and Beckett saw what the radiation did to the walkers and was afraid it would happen to him. It did so she had to kill him, she couldn’t let him leave with what he knew and the maps he had on him.

The two agree to get and destroy the tape and get away from the chopper as soon as possible for reclamation team arrives. Al stashed it on a dead, the soldier burns the tape and then asks Al to turn around. Al knows she had to do it and the soldier wanted to know why, and Al said she wanted to know for however long she had she didn’t choose the story and wanted to make sure she took the tape(of her brother).

Soldier can’t pull the trigger, says she wants Al to live, don’t chase her or her story, she hopes that Al gets back to her friends and they all get back home. She says her name is Isabel, and she said she got to see the prettiest thing since the end of everything. The two make out and then go their separate ways. The soldier radio’s base and is able to stop the reclamation team and the helicopter takes off. Al calls Morgan on the radio, Morgan and Alicia catch up to Al, they ask about the story and Al lies and said it was lights playing tricks on the walker. They introduce her to all the kids, Al looks very sad, but decides to tell the two her last name. It was her attempt to finally open up to people but Morgan and Alicia don’t seem to get it.