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Tuesday’s new episode drunken fun focused on the world’s infrastructure, particularly landmarks. From bridges to sculptured towers, landmarks have played a huge part in the cultural landscape of history.

-Narrator Daryl makes a mean mixed drink (Brooklyn in honor of his story)

-Brooklyn Bridge was chief engineered by Emily Warren Roebling, after her hubby fell ill

-When it was completed, Emily was the first to cross; she rode like a boss with a rooster on her shoulder

-Victor Lustig fake sold the Eiffel Tower as SCRAP METAL

-Lustig was such a pro con, he conned Al Capone

-Fan fave Mark Gagliardi told the riveting tale of Shakespeare & The Great Theater Heist

-We need John Cho to play Shakespeare in all the things, all the time

-How a theater troop moved an entire building overnight, is beyond me

Join us next week for more drunken escapades, Tuesday at 10:30PM PST!