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Outlander Season Three Casting News!!

Starz has announced two new cast members for Season three! John Bell and Wil Johnson have been cast as Young Ian Murray and Joe Abernathy, respectfully.

Source: EW.com

John Bell (The Hobbit:Battle of the Five Armies) will be playing Young Ian, Jamie’s nephew and lovable troublemaker with a knack for getting himself into scrapes. I’m not sure yet how I feel about the casting, to be honest, but overall Starz has done a great job, so I’m not going to start questioning them now.

Source: http://www.lightinghomes.net

Wil Johnson (The walking Dead) will be playing Joe Abernathy, a friend and mentor to Claire during her time in Boston.

These are two of my favorite characters from the books, so I have some high expectations. Starz has a great track record for casting, so I have faith that John and Wil will fit right into the Outlander world.

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