This is the story of a girl who always picks the wrong side of the triangle. This is my story.

Okay, not really, it’s a Jane The Virgin recap, but I really do always pick the wrong side of the love triangle.

When my couple loses, I usually quit the show. The good thing about Jane The Virgin is there is so much to love that I don’t feel the urge to quit. Somehow, though, I’ll need to let go of my love for Jane and Rafael. Michael survived his gunshot wound and their relationship is stronger than ever. Not to mention, Rafael is officially over Jane. And he told her so. This will lead to an interesting, new dynamic in their relationship; I don’t know if I’ll like it or not, but I’m open to it.

This week on Jane The Virgin, both Jane and Michael had to adjust to the fact that he will be going back to work eventually. Jane worries about it everyday and dreams about it every night, while it didn’t seem to hit Michael until the end of the episode. Once again, Michael proved to be amazing and supportive of Jane, even while injured and bedridden. Anyone would be lucky to have a guy like Michael. But the thing is, Sin Rosetro is still out there, and Michael is compelled to work until he catches her. I’m sure this means that he’ll never really be safe. Hopefully the bulletproof vest he promised to wear everyday will help.

I Don’t Know How She Does It

Jane spent her time running all over the place this week–the girl is BUSY. She spends part of her time caring for Michael, part of her time trying to chill Mateo out (who is in full tantrum mode at the moment), part of the time being monkey in the middle of Alba and Xiomara (more on that later), and part of the time trying to find a preschool for Mateo with Rafael. Now that Rafael is no longer in love with Jane, he’s not afraid to speak his mind, which made finding a preschool they both liked a little more difficult. The Catholic preschool was a big no for Rafael, neither of them particularly liked the snooty preschool, and at first they didn’t seem to like the hippy one, but it ended up being the best choice. Look how these two can work stuff out when there’s no pining involved.

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Anezka’s digging herself into a deeper and deeper hole whether she knows it or not. She is now sleeping with Scott, the-lameo-who-always-wears-a-vest-and-also-who-I-thought-was-gay, and she has MAJOR feelings for him. Supposedly, he’s better in bed than Rafael! (I don’t believe it) Scott, of course, thinks he’s sleeping with Petra, not her wacko twin sister, and the two have vowed to take down Rafael together. Why is this always happening to him?! Anyway, I can see how this will go now: Petra will wake up just in time to stop whatever evil plan they have cooking, and Rafael will be so grateful and apologetic for not realizing what was going on that they’ll get back together, which will be the final nail in the Jafael coffin.

Abort The Situation

Xiomara spent most of the episode walking around on eggshells to make sure that Alba didn’t find out about her abortion. She ended up not being able to keep it from her, and Alba was very upset. They fought and gave each other the silent treatment, but in the end, these Villanueva women have a love for each other that’s stronger than anything else.

Side Notes:

*After failing at doing an American accent, Rogelio decided it’s best that he take the his telenovelas to America. Everyone deserves the gift of Rogelio.

*And I want to do a new thing because Jane and Michael are so cute it’s disgusting. I’m officially making a Jane and Michael Cuteness Meter (with nerd glasses): 1 is “not cute or damn is something wrong with them” and 5 is “off the charts disgustingly cute I’m crying”. This week they get a 5.