Source: Brooklyn Nine Nine // Fox Network

It’s the most wonderful time of the year….well, for Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans anyway. The Halloween episode is always one of the best of the season.

This year, Holt, Jake, and Amy all compete for the title of “Ultimate Detective/Genius”, the title Jake won in season one, Holt won in season two, and Amy sneakily won in season 3. This competition brings out the petty in everyone involved, which always leads to plenty of laughs. The teams are as follows: Amy and Rosa (YAS), Holt and Charles, and Jake and Gina ( and later, Bill). Amy and Rosa were inevitable, but Holt chose Charles before Jake could in an effort to rattle Jake…which worked…he had already hired a Charles body double. Right off the bat, Jake steals the plaque with ease. With Gina’s help, he locks everyone in different rooms and saunters out into the bullpin to take the plaque. But this is only about eight minutes into the episode, so we know something is about to go wrong. BAM. Gina crashes into a wall with the plaque and knocks out her teeth. Heist reset.

Next, in a genius move with about 600 pizza delivery guys, Amy and Rosa jack the plaque and hide it in a vent in the ladies’ restroom. It’s over now, right? Wrong. It’s still only about 15 minutes into the episode!

Holt seems to know everyone’s tricks and moves, and he figures out that Rosa took the plaque and Amy hid it in the vent where she hides her cigarettes. Like he knew this would happen all along, Holt trained his dog Cheddar to sniff out plaques (do they really have a specific smell?). So Cheddar climbs into the vent and somehow sniffs out and picks up this plaque with his tiny dog mouth. So Holt has the plaque now, game over.


Source: Brooklyn Nine Nine // Fox Network

Jk, Jake dangles friendship over Boyle’s head and hijacks the plaque from a box in the evidence room. Jake has the plaque, again.

Here comes the tricky part: each contestant thinks they have the plaque and they each pull one out! What the fork is going on here? …It turns out Gina overtook the heist this time! With a LOT of planning. She ordered 3 different plaques and let each competitor believe they had the real one. Because heists are dumb and she is the queen. Everyone is shocked, but it’s hard not to applaud her awesome plan, and be in awe of her missing front teeth.

Cold Open: Amy, Jake, and Holt all introduce this year’s heist in different fashions, then Hitchcock announces his ex-wife is dead so he no longer needs to pay alimony. (he’s literally the worst)

Funniest of the Week: Gina. Mostly because she’s the queen and won the competition. But every single character made me laugh out loud this week.