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It’s never a simple task for a comedy to mock current political or social issues while still keeping the tone of the show light and the story on track. Luckily, the Brooklyn Nine-Nine writers have proven time and time again that they are pros. First, with the joke in Guns and Amo, where Jake and Holt were able to buy a bunch of handguns and a bucket of bullets without getting ID’d (”cool c-co-cool cool our country is broken”) and then with Jim O’Heir’s appearance as the bigoted sheriff. Was anyone else hoping that for once, he wouldn’t be type cast as a Jerry Gergich? I was waiting for him to reveal himself as Figgis! But, alas, I was wrong.

Jake and Holt’s plan to lure Figgis went amuck this week when they were pulled over (by Sheriff Jerry Gergich) for running a stop sign and found with all those weapons in their back seat. After failing at “The Newlywed Game”, the men are thrown in a holding cell with some other old ruffians…or as Jake likes to call them: “The Suicide Squad”. They can’t just wait around though, they have to break out because Figgis is on his way to take them out and he’s already taken Marshall Maya Rudolph hostage. With their Suicide Squad’s help, Jake and Holt stage a fight and then share the longest kiss of Jake’s life. This angers Sheriff Jerry Gergich enough to distract him and they escape! Too bad they’re basically out of options at this point and on the run. They need help if they’re going to defeat Figgis and the only place they can get it is the 99.

They have really butchered this witness protection thing.


Source: FOX // Brooklyn Nine Nine

Back at the Nine-Nine, a new captain has arrived: CJ (Ken Marino), and he has no idea what he’s doing. Instead of leading with a strong hand and expecting greatness from his detectives, he just gives everyone whatever they want including a treadmill desk for Boyle, a yogurt fridge for Terry, a cubicle for Rosa and a personal assistant for Gina. Amy is pissed because she likes a strong leader a la Holt. While no one is really on her side at first, they all come around eventually (except for Gina…she really needs an assistant to do all of her work). They all convince Captain Ken Marino that he needs to be a firm leader and not roll over to demands.

The problem is that now the 99 needs to get down to Florida and help out Jake and Holt ASAP, and the new firm Captain won’t let them!

What are they going to do?