Very quietly and slyly the Talking Dead had a Season 7 Preview Special after airing the entire season 6 this past Sunday the 14th. I know a lot of people did not hear about let alone watch the program, I did some brief tweeting during the episode and saw it was pretty dead.

So you must be asking yourself, ‘what did I miss?’ Well let me fill you in on what happened. Basically nothing, but that shouldn’t come as a huge shock. Besides host Chris Hardwick, they had awesome super fan Yvette Nicole Brown, and the actor who plays Dwight, Austin Amelio.

Chris Hardwick was Chris Hardwick, silly, over the top, asked some questions, gave away an item to a fan. Yvette Nicole Brown was warm, charming, funny, had well thought out opinions as usual, she didn’t necessarily have any new ideas before hand but had some thoughts after some interviews were shown. Austin Amelio shared his backstory on joining the cast. He told us that he never saw the show before his audition. It all happened pretty fast, he applied for the part, got the call the next day, flew to Atlanta, and started on that Friday all within around 5 days. He recalls that he was scared how he would be treated coming in as a bad guy, but Andrew Lincoln, also known as Rick, was quick to go to his trailer and talk to him. He said everyone was very nice to him, and after his initial twenty minute talk with Andrew Lincoln his brother called him to say he was surprised to find out that Andrew Lincoln was from England. Austin said he didn’t even notice after the initial conversation with Andrew.

In the few pockets of actual news, we got a interview segment with “Morgan” and “Carol” by themselves talking about the interesting dynamic they are facing in the Kingdom together. How Morgan broke his vow to himself to not kill anyone for Carol, while on the flipside Carol sort of mentally checked out but has been saved. In addition to that, this is the first time we get to see Morgan act with a group of people who do not have any pre-existing knowledge of him and his past. That I think is going to be a very interesting sub plot. Will another group embrace him easily and fully? Will Morgan learn from his situation in Alexandria and change his personality? Only time will tell.

In the very small sneak peak portion that they aired during the special we see Dwight wearing Daryl’s vest and in possession of Daryl’s motorcyle seeing a number of walkers that seem attachd to the street.

Nothing really to go off of but enough to get your mind racing as to what’s happened to Daryl.