Source: TV Line

Well, Waige fans, after months of emotional turmoil and anguish, your night has finally come. In a quite frankly very shocking episode of CBS’ Scorpion, Walter and Paige confess their love for each other in the most bizarre way possible and then pretend like it never happened. Because…reasons. Plot reasons. It’s only the second (technically third) episode of the season, so it’s not like they could just jump into each other’s arms at the end of the episode and live happily ever after. We’ve got a whole season of romantic shenanigans ahead of us.

So let’s back up, what happened in episode 3×03 “It’s Not the Fall that Kills You”? Long story short — While Walter’s working on a fancy rocket, he gets accidentally launched into space (HAHA ya I’m not kidding), and thus begins the wild plot to bring him back to Earth before he suffocates to death. The episode turns Waige-centric when Walter begins to hallucinate due to oxygen loss and starts to spill his deepest darkest internal love secrets, and the rest of Team Scorpion get to sit in and watch the whole thing from their computer on the ground. Walter’s dying vision is of himself dancing with Paige (and also sending Tim to his death in outer space), and he ends up dreaming about himself making out with her. So technically the makeout scene between Walter and Paige is a dream sequence, but I think the Waige fans took it with very open arms, no complaints.

The team discovers that in Walt’s loopiness he can’t respond or react to orders. Toby worries that he won’t be able to complete the commands required to send the rocket back, and he then has a brilliant revelation. Toby explains that Paige is the only person Walter will listen to, so Paige sits down in front of a microphone and begins to sweet talk Walter through the instructions. He’s about to press the magic button that sends him back to Earth when he admits some very private and personal information — he was hurt by Paige’s choice to date Tim because he always thought, deep down, that they were meant to be together. He only recently realized he was in love with her and since realizing it the pain of watching her be with someone else was overwhelming. Paige sheds a tear and tells him that she loves him too. At this point, the Waige fans charged the streets in celebration.

So Walter’s heading back home and Toby asks what Paige said to him in order to get him to cooperate, to which Paige responds “I told him whatever he needed to hear.” But us dedicated fans know the truth of the matter, she really is in love with Walter.  The team saves Walter and everything is basically back to normal because, of course, Walter doesn’t know that a) he said anything out loud and b) Paige actually responded, not just in his head. But now Paige is confused about her feelings, and for being the self-proclaimed emotional one she has no interest in talking about it.

It seems like it’ll be at least a little while before we get any real discussion about went down in that rocket, because the whole Waige story is about to be put on major halt. In the coming episodes, Toby discovers who Happy’s secret husband is, and the repercussions of that will rock the whole team.

Overall, this episode was fun to watch and pulled on all my heartstrings. Sure, it may have been a tad bit far-fetched, but it seems to be proof that for Team Scorpion, there are no limits to love.

A new episode of Scorpion airs tonight at 10/9c on CBS