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Tuesday night’s “Drunk History” covered some legendary figures. From a 19th century daredevil, to titans of entertainment in the 20th century, our drunken narrators were able to salute those “Legends” while imbibing some delightful liqueurs. Highlights included:

-Narrator Nick Rutherford’s explanation of time: “It’s the 1800s. It’s not even the 1900s yet and it’s just past the 1700s.”

-Narrator Nick telling how daredevil Sam Patch bought a bear when he hit a certain level of success.

-Narrator Nick stating definitively Sam Patch’s bear’s name was “Bomzi.”

-Narrator Tymberlee Hill throwing up BEFORE she started but powering through like Beyoncè.

-Narrator Tymberlee scatting like Ella Fitzgerald.

-Narrator Tymberlee saying, “Marilyn Maloa. Marilyn Roemon. Marilyn Ramona.”

-Narrator Patrick Walsh’s toast to “people who know when to their damn mouths.”

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