These are the highlights you won’t want to miss in the second episode of season 2: A Series of Unfortunate Events.

#1. The “Snicket, Olaf Easter Egg”

While Lemony Snicket walks around Prufrock Prep, we catch a quick glimpse of an old photograph. It’s clear from the picture, Olaf and Snicket took classes together at Prufrock when they were younger. It even looks like they could have been friends. What else could Snicket be hiding?

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#2. Klaus and Violet warn the school about Olaf

Back at the pep rally, Klaus and Violet decide they have to warn everyone the imposter, Coach Genghis, is really Count Olaf in disguise. Grabbing a nearby news paper with Olaf’s picture on it, the children take a chance that this time, someone will believe them. Unfortunately… that is not the case.

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#3. A link to their past: Quagmires and Baudelaire’s

After leaving the pep rally and returning to the Orphan Shack, the Quagmires and Baudelaire’s realize both of their parents are in the photograph Klaus and Violet hung on the wall. They clearly knew each other, but before they can explore this information, the Baudelaire’s are summoned by Carmelita to the exercise field.

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#4. Coach Genghis makes the Baudelaire’s run S.O.R.E.

After Vice Principle Nero’s machine fails to recognize Olaf, the Baudelaire’s must endure a new program Coach Genghis creates called S.O.R.E. (Special Orphan Running Exercises). He makes the children run laps all night. The Quagmires sneak out of Nero’s violin recitals to figure out what Olaf is really up to.

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#5. One Snicket turns into two?

This is the first real look we get into the life of Lemoney Snicket’s brother, Jacques Snicket. He also works for the V.F.D. and comes to Prufrock to rescue Larry the Waiter who was locked in a freezer by Olaf. This is also when we scream, “WE LOVE NATHAN FILLION!” Although, Lemony may have hinted that his brother is no longer around.

“Give anything to sit and talk with him again.”

-Lemony Snicket references his brother Jacques Snicket

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#6. An endless exhaustion, what friends are for.

Night after night of running laps and trying to study for classes takes its toll on the Baudelaire’s. Trying to fix the situation before it gets worse, the Quagmire orphans help the Baudelaire’s sneak into the kitchen for supplies. Back in the library, the children disguise Isadora and Duncan as Violet and Klaus. The Quagmires take the Baudelaire’s place at the track running laps so the actual Baudelaire siblings can study for their exams.

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#7. The long-awaited discovery

When the string attached to “fake Sunny” snaps, the Quagmires realize they’ve been made and try to run away. This leads them to the library, where they finally discover “An Incomplete History of Secret Organizations”. They read a small part of the book before they are nabbed by one of Olaf’s minions and don’t have the chance to tell Violet or Klaus about the book.

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#8. The Baudelaire’s pass their exams…

After passing each exam with top marks, Vice Principle Nero announces the Baudelaire’s may stay at Prufrock for the remaining semester. However, Olaf has a different plan. (It is hinted at that Olaf himself flunked out of Prufrock as a result of failing his gym exam) He tells Violet and Klaus they have to arm wrestle him to pass. While he is distracted, Sunny removes his shoe, exposing the tattoo which is quickly recognized by Mr. Poe.


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#9. Olaf escapes with a little extra baggage.

Olaf and his minions escape with the kidnapped Quagmires. Isadora manages to yell “V.F.D.” out the car window and drops half of the spyglass on the ground for Violet and  Klaus before she is pulled inside. The Baudelaire’s are left standing in front of the school with one more thing taken from them.

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Where does this leave the Baudelaire’s? Who will they be sent to live with next?

Let me know in the comments below if you are a fan of the show. Have you been following this season? What is your favorite Olaf disguise so far?