The Babyface arc in the manga is probably one of the weaker points of Part 5. By and large it is short and unmemorable. David Production has actually done a good job, elevating the otherwise blase fight to at least acceptable.


Image via Tokyo MX1

After the defeat of Pesci and Prosciutto Bruno’s gang exits the train and goes to find other ways to travel to Venice eventually deciding upon stealing a car. Giorno has the most memorable part in the manga, where he says if they steal one car they will be found easily, but if they steal many it will throw people off their trail. This is followed by probably the best use of Giorno’s stand in Golden Wind when he turns a multitude of cars into frogs that hop away, accomplishing this perfectly.


Image via Crunchyroll

Meanwhile, the villain of this arc Melone has one of the creepiest scenes in all JoJo in a train car with a woman who then ‘births’ the second part of his stand Babyface. Babyface then immediately goes after Bruno’s gang. Upon finding them Babyface first uses its ability on Trish and then Bruno to turn them into cubes that for different objects. Giorno notices and begins to hunt down Babyface as bits and pieces of himself are taken. Finally though Giorno learns about his own stand powers, able to replace his missing parts with his ability to give life to objects and begins to lay the hurt down on Babyface when the episode ends.


Image via Tokyo MX1

The colors continue to be an amazing part of this adaptation, it even gives Melone a memorable frame which I didn’t know was possible. Still very little has been left out from the manga and the quality remained high throughout the episode. The hype is real leading into Ghiaccio and White Album fight.