Hey guys! Welcome back to another TGON Plays! This week, I decided to compile a list of pure throwbacks. It’ll definitely cause some nostalgia and heartache, if you’re old enough to remember these good ol’ times. I’m not talkin’ classic as in Nintendo 64 and Sega. Oh no…we’re going back, kids. Back to a time when Home Consoles weren’t really a thing. Back to when kids had to get their fix in public arcades with nothing more than a pocket full of quarters and a well thought out strategy on what games to play first. You would set aside an entire day for this event, knowing that you wouldn’t have the chance again until you saved up more money. Of course Arcades still exist, but their prime has long since past. Let us remember the days when those were all a gamer like us could acquire. So what games would you choose? Well…Here’s my list of games where the stories are made up and the points DO matter…along with my comments regarding them:

Galaga: A classic space game about shooting alien spaceships.

Pacman: Obviously this makes the list, because well…Pacman.

Streetfighter: “HADOUKEN!”

Mortal Kombat: “FATALITY.”

The basketball shooting game: They all have different names, but it’s the one way us nerds are ever going to get to play actual basketball.

Dance Dance Revolution: The only acceptable time to dance like a complete nimrod in public.

Donkey Kong: I’m not talking the gorilla lookin’ bro who runs around beating people up, I’m talkin’ the classic, barrel throwin’ asshole.

Dig-Dug: This game had NO concept and made NO sense whatsoever, but damn if it wasn’t addicting as shit.

Pole Position: I actually loathed this game. I hated it. I could never make the turns and ended up in the grass, before exploding in an unrealistic way.

Double Dragon: Okay so..I love this game, but they also made a shitty ass movie out of it, which I also love (and own on DVD). Don’t judge me.


Pitfall: Most of these games have no story or meaning, this one included. It’s just addicting.

Punch out!: The only way I ever even REMOTELY got into the sport of boxing was through this game.

Tetris: Because who DIDN’T get weirdly addicted to this game?

At the end of the day, let us not forget these vital classics that helped pave the way to today’s home consoles. Without these games and the popularity they garnered…we may never have received the gift that is new generation consoles. So pay your respects and honor this memorial of a time when home-based video games didn’t yet exist. Tune in next week for another TGON Plays! Thanks for reading!