It was supposed to be one of the major hits of this summer, but due to many push-backs, we still haven’t seen anything other than the trailer. First, it was pushed back to February 17, 201, so the movie would be released alongside Bad Boys 3 and Maze Runner: Death Cure. It is now (hopefully for the last time) moved to March 24, 2017, for no known reason. They also changed the title from Knights Of The Round Table: King Arthur to King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.

During SDCC 2016, the first trailer was released. I must say, the trailer itself & the plot of the movie look promising. The only thing I’m concerned about is the amount of delay it has. Moving a movie this many times isn’t usually a good sign, because if you have a great movie you want to release it as soon as possible and then you’ll be confident it will do well at the box office. Rumors are swirling that the first screening wasn’t received positively and they had to reshoot some scenes. Let’s hope that if when the movie finally hits theatres, it will go over better that at the screenings.

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