Hello, and welcome… as well, as goodbye. This is the last episode of Season 1, though I plan on doing a general review of the whole season, as well as reading the graphic novel and comparing the two. But, let’s dive right into the series.

h 8.2

Happy! – SyFy/Morrison/Robertson

We begin the episode with Happy realizing an imaginary friend from the meeting 2 episodes ago is Junior, or crazy Santa’s, imaginary friend. Using skills taught by Nick, he interrogates the sock puppet, and finds out where Hailey is. It’s back to the abandoned mall, when Junior’s father hung himself, and started the abuse cycle.

Amanda is still in Sonny’s tower, and seems to be drugged. She is disoriented, but as Sonny talks to her, asking the value of one child, her daughter, we see the strong spark that has kept Hailey alive this whole time. Sonny just leaves her there, but is later confronted at Merry, demanding to know where Amanda is. She threatens to arrest him on stage, to wreck his career, unless he tells her where Amanda is. Of course, he tells Merry where she is, and she leaves. Amanda comes stumbling out of the tower when Merry pulls up, and they both head to the abandoned Mall, to find Nick and Hailey.

h 8.3

Happy! – SyFy/Morrison/Robertson

We get to see how disillusioned Junior really is, walking through an empty hallway, but imagining toys everywhere. He lays a bunch of bear traps, which Nick later finds in a very unpleasant way, before the other kids, Junior’s friends, appear. Hailey looks petrified. It seems Junior has been performing lobotomy on random children he think are good, or innocent. He just wants them to be young forever. Of course, Hailey doesn’t take this lightly, and fights back, before Happy appears to save her. Nick would help, but like I mentioned earlier, he was caught in a bear trap. He somehow pries the bear traps off, and limped to where he heard Hailey screaming. The chase scene of Hailey and Junior, her in the elevator, as he runs up the steps around her, is amazing. But she loses him and ends up on the Roof

Oh dear God, Hailey and Nick finally meet. Nick struggles to figure out how to introduce himself, and Hailey quietly says Daddy. His face is so happy, but hurt, torn but elated… perfect. Too bad Junior attacks, and triggers another heart attack for Nick. Luckily, Happy is back, with reinforcements, so Hailey can give Nick his meds. He reveals to Hailey there is no Santa Claus before shooting Junior in the head. He falls, and ends up hanging himself, only to have his imaginary friend appear, and curl around him.

h 8.6

Happy! – SyFy/Morrison/Robertson

Back on the roof, we finally hear Hailey’s wish- She wanted to meet her Dad. Ironically, her wish came true, because of Sonny, in a sick and twisted way. He picks her up, and takes her downstairs, where Merry and Amanda are waiting. We see Nick admit his mistake, from years ago, about wanting another stocking on the mantle. Maybe, he can spend time with her, on a weekend. But then he collapses. The heart is slowing down, too much has happened.. That is horrible.

Oh wait, just kidding. I love Nick’s new scarf. It seems everyone thinks Nick is dead, meaning no one is hunting for him, and Blue’s stupid password. He can actually have a chance to be a dad for a little bit. We also see the bitter sweet moment as Happy begins to fade away from Hailey’s imagination. Full circle, the season slows to an end with Nick leaning on a sink, staring at himself, like in the beginning. He is trying to pep talk himself into going out there, and meeting Hailey properly. Of course, our favorite Happy Horse pops up. It seems he has become Nick’s imaginary friend. Nick tries to play it off, before panicking. Happy explains he knows everything about her, and is there to help Nick connect to Hailey. Fade to black.. until next season…

h 8.1

Oh yea. Merry kicked Blue to the curb, revealing he has nothing on her with her mother’s death, and sends him to jail. We see him getting a visit from Michael, asking for the password. Mikey leans forward, and breaths out, before falling back. Through a series of flashes, it shows the old Don whispering to Michael, and bloody people. Blue stands, screams, before freezing, and removing his glasses, calmly saying he is hungry.

I mean, I’m not saying demonic activities, but we are dealing with a show involving imaginary friends, so thinking something unusual is up with the password isn’t that big of a stretch in the imagination. I mentioned how less than a week ago, SyFy said Happy! was renewed for another season later this year, and cannot wait, honestly. I hope to see you all, and until then, stay shiny!