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This week: Mean Girls


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Pursuant to my rules created in the Zach Galifinakis episode of the watchlist, I can watch movies I have seen a million times. In this case a million and one times. The first million were during every High School event where a T.V. was involved, and the million and first time was this week. This terrible, weird, week. A week where I have felt personally victimized by Regina George. That is if Regina George is the big haired adult world.


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If you haven’t seen this movie…


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That was mean, but I mean if you haven’t seen Mean Girls you have actively been avoiding Mean Girls. Which is totally cool, it’s exactly what I do with most super hero movies/shows (I love Jessica Jones though, let’s talk about that!). O.k. but if you haven’t seen it here is the synopsis  in one sentence.

A homeschooled girl from Africa moves to the US and struggles to navigate the High School hierarchy, and she eventually makes it to the top only to fall and realize that being a mean girl only gets you hit by a bus.


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Why is this movie perfect?

First, it’s about to be made into a musical!!!!!!

When asked about how she’ll be remembered Tina Fey said that’ll it’ll probably be for Mean Girls.

During the movie’s 10 year anniversary interview with TheWrap.com Lindsay Lohan said “Mariah and I have the same makeup artist. Whenever I see her, she does always say, ‘On Wednesdays, I wear pink.’ She loves that movie.

Mariah Carrey loves this movie. Like wut.

You can quote everything from it. Tina Fey was writing it during her time at SNL and the jokes in this are top notch. So good that on October 3rd someone created a GIF from a movie that was created 3 years before tumblr was created, and post it.


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This movie is everything. Or maybe it’s the nostalgia. Maybe it’s just the best of a genre that produces things like American Pie (I’m throwing a lot of shade today at beloved things, whoops!). Maybe it’s because I love Tina Fey and Amy Poehler with all of my heart, cross it hope to die.


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What I do know is that I love this movie and it got me through this week, and even at the end of the day this movie is Regina George and we all know…


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