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American Horror Story 6 – Title Revealed

(Potential Spoilers ahead, but realistically we still know nothing) 

Source: American Horror Story / FX

The Mist

If you have a subscription to TV Guide or have been online at all lately you may have seen the supposed “accidental” reveal of the AHS Season 6 title–”The Mist.”

Source: TV Guide

UNFORTUNATELY That tells us absolutely nothing since

This reveal confirms the prior leak on Rotten Tomatoes

(Personally Stephen Kings’ 2007 The Mist is one of my favorite movies, but considering SPIKE picked up that story for a mini-series, its highly doubtful the concepts will be similar)

The only insight we currently have is the one promo for season 6 that was also labeled “The Mist”   Just in case you don’t like clicking links–look at this still!

Source: American Horror Story / FX



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