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Color in the MCU Netflix Series: Luke Cage

Luke Cage isn’t even out and I’m overanalyzing it!

This is part three of my three-part series where I focus on the importance
of color in Marvel’s Netflix shows. Daredevil uses red extensively and
Jessica Jones hues it’s world purple, but Luke Cage – at least, based on the trailer – uses a color not often associated with masculinity or toughness – yellow.

Source: Netflix // Luke Cage

The obvious choice for the colorization is that yellow is often associated
with Luke Cage – it is the color of his iconic costume, after all. But
when we take a look at the meaning behind the color, it doesn’t seem in line with the show – a color promoting happiness, optimism and sunshine.

Source: Netflix // Luke Cage

Now, without the show being out, it’s hard to take a stab at why they chose
the color scheme they did. However, yellow has a “dark side” as well –
it is also associated with cowardice, madness, and betrayal; themes that seem more in line with the show based on the previous shows. It is a color of power, wealth and also
caution. Some cultures even associate it with death.

Source: Netflix // Luke Cage

We will have to see if the themes line up when the show comes out this September.

Next up: We’re finished for now; Iron Fist isn’t out for quite some time.
But stay tuned for a much-delayed part four to see if Iron Fist will
follow the trend and stick to green!

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