Photo courtesy of Universal Cable Productions

Mr. Robot made it’s first ever appearance at San Diego Comic Con, complete with a convention-long virtual reality experience and a standing-room only panel hosted by Chris Hardwick! Here’s the news you may have missed if you weren’t able to make it to SCDD:

  • Mr. Robot himself, Christian Slater is a big Pokemon Go fan! Look for him at your L.A. Pokestop!
  • The production uses “block shooting,” meaning they shoot the episodes like they’re shooting one long film. According to Rami, he may shoot scenes from as many as 5 different episodes in one day.
  • The music plays a huge part in the show and Sam Esmail the creator/director plays a big part in music selection.
  • Rami Malek hinted that Elliot may still be hung up on Shayla.
  • Elliot will eventually let his guard down to his new friend Ray… but is Ray real???
  • Portia Doubleday says her character Angela’s story is going somewhere unpredictable, and described her character as “dangerous”, “troubling” and “explosive”.
  • When the cast was asked what other character on the show they would like to play, Rami responded that he’d play Shayla so that he could kiss himself!
  • There will be a Mr. Robot App and a Mr. Robot book hitting shelves soon!

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