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SDCC: Before The Con

Here at TGON, we were able to get our hands on some pre-Con photos that display sneak-peeks of what fans can expect to see over the course of the week-hold on…is that…an enormous Harley Quinn Funko-Pop…?!

Source: TGON

Yeah. Yeah it freaking is. The person to the right is for scale. This thing is HUGE.

Source: TGON

Check out these workers just casually hanging out with larger-than-life Batman and Groot.

Source: TGON

This giant poster featuring the whole CW hero family is giving me heart palpitations.

Also…Right under that…in the glass case…is Cisco’s “reinforced tri-polymer suit”

Heavy breathing

Source: TGON

…And of course, what’s a comic convention without graphic tees galore?

Source: TGON

Harley-Pop must’ve been misbehaving…

Go face the wall and think about whatever you did, Pudding’.

Source: TGON

Finally, a sneak-peek of a Funko-Pop claw machine…


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