Hey everyone! Welcome back to another TGON Plays! This week I’m bringing you what has become a must-own in my game collection: Dishonored. A game that can only be described as steampunk-meets-metal-gear-sold-meets-the-Shakespearean era, Dishonored was released in 2012 and rapidly became a favorite among gamers. The story is fascinating and heartbreaking, and it really draws you into the lives and stories of these characters. Plus, the sequel to this game is just on the horizon; it’s set to release in November of 2016. So let’s dive right into why the first one is worth the play!

You play as a man named Corvo, Lord Protector to The Empress of the city of Dunwall, and father figure/bodyguard of her daughter, Emily. The Empress sends Corvo on a mission to other countries in search of a cure for Dunwall’s struggles with a deadly plague. Months pass and Corvo returns two days earlier than the city had planned He reunites with young Emily, who he seems to love very much. He delivers what he’s learned and, in some unfortunate timing, is forced to watch as The Empress is assassinated and Emily is kidnapped. Soldiers surround Corvo, and he is imprisoned for the murder of The Empress Six months pass and an organization of loyalists help him to escape. They believe him to be innocent of all crimes and want his help in finding Emily and taking down the true murderer. They gather Intel and assign missions – whether it be assassinations, theft, or non-lethal kidnapping. But in the end, you have to determine whether they’re your friends, or if they have their own agendas.

You can use stealth, swords, guns, grenades, and even dark magic to take out your enemies. However, the more people you kill, the more likely it becomes that your city results in death and darkness, and the more likely that the people become less and less friendly. You can simply knock an enemy, or end them permanently, all while remaining in the shadows. If you choose to do either, though, be sure no other guards can see it happening, otherwise your cover will be blown. Dishonored is a very unique game, and while I earlier mentioned its likeness to Metal Gear Solid, it’s only comparable trait is the stealth. This game is practically it’s own genre, and is DEFINITELY its own faction of stealth. Keep in mind the cons when considering this game, however. These cons revolve mainly around the graphics. They’re cartoony and…I’m just going to say it…sub-par. If you’re looking for more realistic graphics, I wouldn’t recommend this game. But if you’re basing your gameplay solely on its looks, then you’re not giving yourself the full experience. Regardless of how you choose your video games, you should give this one the chance to “wow” you.It’s available on the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Window platforms. I can understand that this style gameplay is not for everyone, and I’ll be honest with you, I can only play it through once every handful of months. With that in mind, I’m rating it at 3 out of 5 glasses, and hope you’ll play it for yourselves! Thanks for reading!