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Pen15: “Solo” Review

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Trailview’s Night of Amazing Music is coming up. Anna hopes to win Alex’s heart with a classical aria while Maya is consumed with a lie.

Maya and Anna’s story lines take place during a music concert at school. This brought back so many memories for me, because I was in band and orchestra, and performed at many concerts. It was all about impressing the audience, your family, and making sure you didn’t screw up.


Poor Maya had a hard time during this episode. We find out that her dad is part of a cover band, and is the drummer. We see that she’s also a drummer in the school band, and sadly, didn’t get any of her father’s musical abilities. During class, she can’t even count the measures right and never knows when to play. I can relate to her, because I was never the best at reading music, especially with counting the rests, and this was exactly what she was having problems with. I felt so bad for her, because her teacher was trying to help her, but quickly lost his patience. After school, Sam tried to help her, and I guess in some way, got through to her, but I don’t think quite in the way she needed. Her dad ends up coming home for her concert, and she gets super nervous, because she had lied to him earlier, about having a big solo. When he tries to help her practice, she gets defensive and starts having a full on tantrum. I couldn’t believe that she dumbed down to acting like a child, and started screaming and kicking her legs. That wasn’t necessary. At the concert itself, Maya’s hands cramp up backstage, which hasn’t happened to me, but I have had the issue of my hands sweating on stage, because I was nervous. Her and the band start to play, and during the performance, she freaks out, and starts drumming like a mad woman. It was my favorite part of the whole episode, because she literally went on a full drumming rampage. Nothing made sense and then she randomly starting yelling. Afterwards, she revealed to her dad, that she did that just to impress him, and they had a heart to heart, because he said that he would have loved her performance, no matter how many notes she played. I love their relationship, because he truly wants to know how her life is going and wants to be there for her, even when he’s on the road. That’s a dad, every girls wants.


On the flip side of Maya’s story line, Anna was having the best time throughout the episode. She was on the top of her game, and definitely has the musical gene. She can play the French horn really well, and can carry a tune too. She also, had a secret admirer. We find out later on, that her admirer is Brandon, who is also in the band, and she agrees to go out with him. The way that all of this went down, was something you definitely would have seen at my school too. Passing notes to each other, and a lot of giggling. It was interesting though, that while Brandon was trying to win Anna’s heart, she was trying to win Alex’s heart, who is one of the popular boys at school. Unfortunately, Alex wanted nothing to do with Anna, and I think Anna finally realized this after the concert was over. Another downer is that Anna’s parents are an emotional roller coaster. They were in good spirits in the beginning of concert, until Anna’s solo, during her choir performance. She saw that her mom had left, after getting into a fight with her dad. I felt bad for Anna, because she was excited for her parents to come and see her performance, and they had to ruin it, by arguing. It seemed like her parents didn’t see her potential at all. Afterwards, her dad tried to apologize, and tried to make it up to her, by giving her money, since he forgot to buy her flowers. How depressing.

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