neighbours paul terese wedding

Caroline and Christina crash the wedding. Photo: © Channel 5 Source: Digital Spy

Paul and Terese’s wedding was a bit like their relationship – it had a serious case of the on again-off agains, mostly thanks to a whole lot of meddling from various past and present Robinsons.

In the days leading up to Paul and Terese’s wedding, three of Paul’s ex-wives came to haunt Erinsborough in some sort of awful marital version of A Christmas Carol, coming to remind Paul of all the mistakes he made in his past relationships, and warn Terese of her possible future. It’s not often I feel sorry for Paul, but between his dead father haunting his Christmas ornaments and a revolving door of exes right before his wedding, he’s had a tricky time of it.

It all got too much for both Paul and Terese, and so they decided to elope to a swanky resort (so clearly not a branch of Lassiters), only to run into yet another ex-wife in the hotel. Seeing Caroline and Christina (and Gail, for that matter) was pretty fun for someone who’s been watching Neighbours for centuries, and Christina’s saltiness towards Paul was highly amusing. Ahhh, I do love a bit of Neighbours nostalgia.

Inevitably, everything went pear-shaped and Paul called off the wedding, so Terese threw a 24 carat wobbler, hulked out, and tore her wedding dress to shreds. It takes some considerable strength to tear a dress like that, although Roxy had admittedly given her a helping hand by starting it off for her the previous week. That poor dress went through a lot.

Caroline took it upon herself to try to smooth everything over, and it was at this point that we found out who was behind it all – Paul’s daughter Elle. I’ll be honest, I sort of glazed over during the exposition about why she’d summoned an army of past Mrs Robinsons in order to sabotage Paul’s wedding – I was too busy focusing on her very excellent power bob hairdo.

neighbours paul terese

Photo: © Channel 5 Source: Digital Spy

Robinsons will literally do anything for money, and so it was easy for Elle to flash some cash at Leo and get him to join in and help with her scheme, the upshot being that, once exposed, an embarrassed Leo decided to leave Ramsay Street as suddenly and silently as I like to leave a party.

So the Robinsons have gained one and lost one in this transaction, although it’s been a couple of weeks since we discovered another surprise child/grandchild/niece/nephew, so we must be about due another one…