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Episode 3: Dead Man’s Party turns into a big jealousy party for the team.

After last week with Simon being kidnapped by the vampires, Clary is out for blood. Now that the Shadowhunters aren’t being helpful at all, she is doubting how helpful they are. Alec cannot believe that they have to help this mundane (read Clary).

Simon is being held by the vampires in a room full of crosses and ancient religious symbols when the ever sexy. Raphael walks in. Oh Simon. Good luck.

Clary does not have time for Clave nonsense. She wants her best friend saved right now! They need to go to the Hotel Dumort. And no hating on Seelies while Izzy is around. Respect other people’s things. Of course Clary is trying to run off to get herself and Simon killed. Thanks the Accords the team is ready.

The Hotel Dumort is pretty fancy on the inside for a rundown hotel. Simon throwing that ancient knife is my aesthetic. How dare you ruin Raphael’s jacket. And ew Camille, just because you are an one thousand year old vampire doesn’t mean you can just lick other people’s cuts. As I always say “if it’s wet and sticky and not yours, don’t touch it.”

Great way to spend a Saturday Night. In an abandoned graveyard, searching for a woman born in the 1800s. A scary graveyard is the perfect place for a fight between siblings about hating on mundanes. Jace is there to put an end to it.

One emotional conversation between Jace and Clary later, Izzy is off to some guy’s place to find out how to get in the hotel.

Alec is jealous that Jace is so focused on Clary and not on the actual mission. He thinks Jace is more worried about “getting laid” as Alec puts it than actual helping Simon.

Clary is so clueless to the Shadow World. Alec can’t stand Clary like at all. She is just some stupid mundane no matter how many time she shows that she is a real Shadowhunter. Jace and Alec are friendship goals.

Good. Now that Alec left, it’s time for some Clace. Look at the way he stands right behind her. With his hand on top of hers holding the beautiful Seraph blade. The way he whispers in her ear. How is she supposed to pay attention when he is talking about Shadowhunters and something pulsing through her? Don’t worry Clary, Jace is always with or always wants to be.

It’s true. Alec doesn’t like anyone. But he knows that it is his duty to fight for the right thing alongside Jace and another Shadowhunters.

Simon is so cute freaking out about throwing a knife at Raphael. For god’s sake, breaking the Accords is not something to mess with when Valentine is still around. Even if you want the Mortal Cup. You don’t think Valentine will come after you once he finds out that you have it.

Guess we found out who Izzy’s bae is. The ever gorgeous Meliorn. And getting naked in his bed is not exactly finding out how to get into the hotel, Izzy. Even if you use it as a way to get info.

Walk into the bar like what up- ah vampires. Don’t worry Clary just a little detour into a shady bar to get something that Jace needs. Just go flirt with a random vampire for a little bit until Jace gets too jealous.

Simon has a serious case of Stockholm syndrome and is a real blabbermouth. Now Camille is after Magnus Bane. First Valentine then Camille. Magnus is in for some trouble.

Oh so now the questions start huh Izzy? First about the Clave then about Meliorn sleeping with Camille and now about getting inside the hotel. I don’t know how she does it. She is just too amazing.

Alec rune-ing up is arrows like a sexy pro. Hodge stop talking about Valentine or else you’ll keep hurting yourself. And Alec is not hiding in the shadow of Jace. Jace is totally not the chosen one. Alec is too pretty to be in a shadow.

That vampire is getting too handsy for Jace’s taste and did anyone else hear Jace call Clary his girl? Now it’s time to get out of there before they get themselves killed. Cool bike though.

Oh yeah. Sexy. Drinking each other’s blood while turning Simon into one of them.

Now that Izzy is free from her man, Alec shows up just in time to be the sarcastic big brother who hates being the distraction and is repressed according to Izzy. Repressed from what?

Camille is on the move to get her people into attacking the Shadowhunters. Poor Simon is just trying to stay awake and not act as drunk/ lightheaded as he feels.

Now we get an inside look at what the runes are. They look like little burn marks and each rune does something different when it is applied. They sting when drawn. Jace is very skilled at applying these runes. And now he is scaring the hell out of Clary and making her feel bad for him. Not ever being in love sucks.

I love that Clary compares Jace and Alec to her and Simon. It is truly the same thing. They are both best friends, would die for each other. And one is in love with the other- oh wait. Never mind.

Sibling fight again. This time about Alec and his feelings. Even though they are about to be attacked by vampires. Vampires die in flames. Interesting. Alec and Izzy are deffo sibling goals.

Oh more fighting. The fighting sequences are just so amazing. It takes a lot of skill to look that good doing it.

Now Clary is one of them. Killing vampires like a pro. Squad walk.

And Raphael lets them go. No problem. Making them take Simon with him. He wants them to protect him against Valentine and to stop him. Raphael knows that Valentine is more dangerous than the Shadowhunters and Camille.

Aw. Simon and Clary hugging while Jace, Izzy and Alec watch. This isn’t romantic at all. Simon isn’t in love with Clary. Jace isn’t in love with her either. Don’t worry guys everything is fine.

Alec is getting too mad and too jealous of Jace and Clary and is just mad about his life right now. He needs to get laid.

Favorite Quote:

Alec: Are you that desperate to get laid that you’d risk killing us?