The Runaways

Source: TV Club – The AV Club

I continue to struggle with aspects of this show. I so desperately want to like it, but at times it moves so slow and seems to be trying to do so much all at once. This episode picks up where the last one left off. Karolina is still standing in the Hollywood hills talking to Jonah about finding out “who and what she really is”, and while this is an understandable journey for her to be on, her willingness to trust him and then lie to her friends about it is frustrating, because we know the fallout is going to be something that will have to be dealt with later.

The amount of emotional angst in the show gets to be overwhelming at times, but not in a way that draws you closer to the characters. It’s at times too soap opera-ish. This episode was very much about many of the characters trying to (re)define themselves. Alex has conveniently fallen for Darius’s relative, who proceeds to cornrow his hair and we hear him say, “When I look in the mirror I don’t see myself.” Her reply, “Maybe this is the real you.”  Nico professes her love for Karolina after her mother nearly kills them when they come for the staff. During that altercation Tina tells Nico that if she takes the staff and leaves they’ll no longer be “mother and daughter.” When Nico takes the staff and leaves with her friends, Tina responds to her husbands confusion by saying, “I didn’t think she’d take it.” Really?? After all the mess you’ve put this kid through and the fact that it is a teenage mother/daughter relationship you didn’t think she’d take it?

Gert and Chase are also working out what their relationship is going to be and Gert is developing more control over Old Lace. One of the things I did like about this episode was Gert’s character. The anxiety she’s showing is being done well and realistically.  This weeks episode gets :two-and-a-half-stars

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