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Locke & Key S1 E3 “Head Games”

Welcome back to Key house and we journey inside Bode’s head. Well, not us but the siblings, Tyler, Kinsey, and Bode. So the head key allows one to look into the mind but as a physical place where you can open containers full of different memories and visit them again. And so can other people. Meanwhile, your other body is frozen in the place you left it. The kids are looking into a memory of their dad telling a story that he told of them but with very different versions and endings. I guess tailored to each child. But it is a power they are scared of and begin to question Bode about how he finds the keys. But Tyler tries to be the voice of reason and control the situation and Bode comes clean about the well lady and what she wants, which are the keys.

Then speak of the devil, she shows up and finds some kids who have a key that she wants. So what does she do? She gets the key by any means necessary. And the key is a fire key. Having done her dastardly deed she continues on her path but we don’t know to what. We do know that she is relying on Bode to find the keys for her. But just how many keys are there?

The kids are going through very emotional issues and they are on different phases of their grief. On top of that, they are trying to adjust to new people and a new place and this new and unusual house that could potentially be dangerous to them. So to try and figure things out Kinsey decides to use the head key to go into her own head and Tyler goes with her. Her head is like a mall while Bode’s head was like a circus. Her head gives you a Willy Wonka feeling. She too goes to her memory store and watches her memories. It gets a little weird and it seems that Kinsey is able to jump memories just by thinking about a certain memory. Kinsey learns her fear is hindering her in some ways. We don’t get to journey into Tyler’s head but maybe we eventually will.

We do, however, get a little glimpse into something that happened to his father in the past. Tyler remembers the version that his dad told him about the sea monster. It makes you wonder who the sea monster really is and if that story was based on his past. The sea monster in Tyler’s version ate all the fishermen except for one. The sea monster wanted him to be alone and to suffer in his loneliness because he had done something terrible. What was that terrible thing? Symbolism or no?

And curious Bode locates another key, in the pocket of a painting. On the key, there is a skull on it. And of course, he uses it. This key turns one into a ghost after inserting the key into a special door and stepping over the threshold. It also leaves your dead body behind. On his little exploration trip as a ghost, Bode comes into contact with another ghost. Another member of the Locke family, his great great great grandfather Chamberlin Locke. The same guy that was in the portrait, where he found the key. Bode learns a little bit about his father’s childhood and that his dad also used the keys. Bode spies Ellie going in the well-house and follows her as she whispers Lucas into the well with no response. So, does that mean that the well lady is actually Lucas? Ellie also has a strange-looking key and why is she on someone’s property snooping. It seems Ellie has some secrets to spill and what is her motive.

We did learn that Nina had a drinking problem but that is about all we know about her. Ellie and she go out to dinner and it is clear that Ellie may harbor some bad intentions. She definitely knows more than she has let on about Rendell’s past and their friendship. It clearly has something to do with the key and what they do. But we have only learned about 5 keys so far. I assume we’ll learn more about the keys as the show progresses. But Nina happens to go through Rendell’s yearbook and what do we see a picture of Lucas, is that the same Lucas who Ellie was calling for in the wellhouse? And what about the kid who killed Rendell? Meanwhile, Kinsey is playing around in her head. It definitely can’t be good.

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