The second part of the two part season finale starts in the throne room of the capital after the battle against A.L.I.E. soldiers. Clarke is trying to find a way to console and save her mom Abigail, she uses the only EMP they had to remove the chip from Abigail. She is able to able to save her mother and she starts to come around rather quickly. Clarke decides the best way to stop ALIE now with their limited options is if she takes the essence of the commander and goes to the city of light herself to try to find, and pull the kill switch. Abigail understands Clarke’s plan and that the only way that can happen is with night blood, and she needs to be wired with Ontarie like what was done at Mount Weather. They know the have to make a decision quickly as the grounders have started climbing up the tower to the top!

Elsewhere, Jasper tells Raven that she has less than a 2% chance to get back to the kill switch again. Is she really ready to let Harper keep getting her ass kicked and die at the hands of Jasper? Harper tells them to not stop, but Monte and Raven come up with a plan to stop him. Raven goes to the door and keeps talking to Jasper as a distraction, and Monte comes from behind and shoots Jasper in the leg, and Monte and Harper go and punch Jasper to tie him up and subdue him. When he is tied up they try to not talk out loud so Jasper can’t hear and in turn tell A.L.I.E. he tells them that she already knows Clarke is inside the city of light.

Back at the capital, the first small group of grounders starts to make it’s way to the top level. At this moment Octavia, and Pike are the only two to play defense, once they start climbing in the window, Octavia does a dirty move and cuts Pike in the leg, standing back and watching as the grounders come in and start beating Pike down. Bellamy realizes that Pike and Octavia were left alone and goes running to check on them, and ends up shooting the attacking grounders even with Octavia’s pleas against it. Shortly after they come up with a plan to try to stop the pursuit, what they end up doing is having Octavia be a diversion in a hallway, saying she gives up and will take a chip, they have water pumped in the hallway and then Bellamy and group come in and throw electric charge sticks in the water. It does the job and they go to take all their weapons before retreating back to the throne room.

Back to inside the thrown room, Ontarie is crashing and Clarke is not getting enough night blood to still be unseen in the city of light. As we mentioned earlier A.L.I.E. knows Clarke is in the city of light and is initiating a program to flush her from the system as she is updating her system to 2.0. So the people inside the city of light start to recognize her. Clarke tries to escape members in the city but is caught and beat down. That is when it happens.


Lexa appears with swords! The power couple is back again! Photo Credit: The 100/CW

Lexa eliminates the group of attackers, explains to Clarke what is going on, that is when the lack of blood starts to really effect Clarke as she is crashing inside the city of light. Abigail goes to work on Ontarie, cuts open her chest to grab a hold of her heart and starts pumping it. She gets Murphy to keep pumping the heart so she can tend to Clarke.

When Clarke comes to they see a girl with an infinity symbol on her shirt as a sign, they follow the girl to find the kill switch, they end up stopped by a fire wall. Jasper gets close and approaches Lexa and Clarke and tells them they will never find it. Raven is able to patch in a escape route for Clarke, Lexa stays behind to fight off the town so Clarke can get to the escape pod. She is sad to see Lexa leave but has to push forward. Once she makes it through the escape hatch she ends up in outer space with another persona of A.L.I.E.. She tells Clarke that the version 2.0 has merged with Clarke and only someone that has that can hit the kill switch.
Clarke is all poised to just pull the kill switch, when A.L.I.E. 1.0 tells Clarke that she should let people stay in the city of light because it’s better for everyone. That 6 months ago she got reading that the world was in danger. At this rate the world has around six months before 96% of the earth’s surface will be uninhabitable even by space people. Over a dozen nuclear power plants are melting down after all the nukes and at least 7 of those are burning.

She continues that first will be black rain, when the other AI tells Clarke she is just staling. Clarke decides that she will hit the kill switch and they fill figure it out like they always do. In the throne room all the chipped people make it into the throne room and are having an epic fight. During the fight Octavia is in trouble, and Pike stops to save her. After Clarke pulls the switch everyone starts to feel like themselves again. They realize what they are doing, they feel pain, they even feel pain. Clarke removes the chip from herself with the help of her mother. Elsewhere, Jasper I’m afraid seems sketch. Bellamy tells Clarke that he is happy that they defeated A.L.I.E. and are finally safe. Clarke tells Bellamy that they aren’t safe yet. Pike goes and looks at Octavia and nods, and Octavia stabs him right in the stomach, kills him and walks away.

So moving back to the top, why is The 100 like a video game you ask? The reason is you have a big battle, you think it has to be the end, you say to yourself no this is it, this has to be the final boss. Yet once you defeat that you learn that something else stronger is right behind it. Just like what you see with this show.