Source: Alex C // The Game of Nerds

If you haven’t seen the finale of Jane the Virgin yet, well first of all SPOILER ALERT, and second, go ahead and skip to the last 10 minutes of the episode. The first 30 are just pure fluff. Wedding related Jane and Michael bliss. And as a hardcore #TEAMRAF supporter, I was basically rolling around my bed in agony trying to keep myself awake. I know, that’s harsh, but it’s Jane the Virgin! There’s ALWAYS some crazy drama to be expected, so when nothing was happening aside from Bruno Mars performing, I was about to pull my hair out. All I could think was, is this some sort of trick? How is everything going as planned? I can’t believe they actually got married! And I can’t believe Rafael really didn’t say anything! (Once again, I’d like to scold you, Jane the Virgin promo team–don’t lie to your audience, step up your game)

Honestly the majority of the episode is barely worth recapping. Jane and Michael were adorable and talked about all sorts of marriage related things. Rogelio was in hyper planning mode–if acting doesn’t work out for him, he could be an event planner. Jane got a new idea for a thesis and presented it right before her wedding. Rogelio found out about Xiomara and Esteban. And Jane and Michael got married and had a reception filled with bad dancing. Charo was a bridesmaid. nbd.

I told you–fluffy.

It was honestly just be easier to list the shocking cliffhangers were were given

  1. I TOLD YOU Anezka was shady as hell. Girlfriend literally put Petra into a coma and dyed her hair brown; she has switched identities with Petra to steal Rafael and God knows what else. And according to the Doctor, Petra probably won’t recover! (She totally will) Also, Anezka and Raf had sex because he was vulnerable and she was manipulative.
  2. XIOMARA IS PREGNANT. With Esteban’s baby maybe?)! She has turned down the love of her life because she doesn’t want anymore kids, yet here she is. Pregnant. Will she keep it? Who knows with this show?!
  3. Susanna was the mole this whole time and she SHOT MICHAEL, just as the snow globe he gave Jane shattered on the ground. How heartbreaking and symbolic. Why was Susanna the mole, though?

Can you believe it?? ALL OF THAT HAPPENED IN A VERY SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME. Do you think Michael can be saved? Or are we saying goodbye to him?

PS: Where are Derek and Mutter now? Is Rose/Susanna still working with them? Honestly, who’s more of a threat? The drug lords or Anezka? Anezka is a crazy bitch, I’m very worried about the damage she’s going to do.

This is going to be a long summer!