Flash 503 1

Vibe hiding for his life. Photo courtesy of Bleeding Cool.

Please Keep In Mind That This Article Contains Potential Spoilers For “The Death Of Vibe” and Events That Occurred Prior

Well, that’s a decent change of pace—Vibe is dead. Well at least publicly. The only way to get Cicada off of their trail was a to make him think that he got what he wanted. It’ll make for an interesting status quo—and I believe Vibe is only the second hero to die and publicly be recognized. While that was an interesting step forward, the show managed to take a misstep at the same time.

We learn that Cicada is simply here because someone (Nora) messed with the timeline. Sound familiar? While that’s not the most interesting set-up, a newly introduced aspect to Cicada that does peak my interest is that the team never catches him in the future. Also, him being a seemingly non-powered father figure does add some cool details into the proceedings.

Flash 503 2

One of the best photos yet of Cicada! Photo courtesy of Bleeding Cool.

I’m not going to lie though, I did expect a little bit more from Nora’s answer about Cicada. The way the episode ended last week made me think that she had a connection to him. Don’t get me wrong though, I like the idea of a villain that the team never catches in the future—especially someone that isn’t a meta (though make sure to see my bonus note). Nora herself continued to be engaging to watch, finally making up for her recent mistakes by saving Cisco’s life.

When it comes to Caitlyn’s storyline, to be frank…I still don’t really care. Caitlyn as a character has really been at the bottom of the list for a while now. It’s going to take quite the storyline to bring her back from the edge. In fact, I’m more interested in Ralph, and the interest he has taken to helping Caitlyn out with her life mystery. I also really enjoyed his brief—and albeit random—heroic moment in the store. He’s still finding out how to live alongside The Flash in the public’s eye.

Flash 503 3

Our new French Detective Wells! Photo courtesy of Bleeding Cool.

Now clearly I wasn’t going to forget about our new French Wells. I was hesitant in season 3 when they went with the plot idea of “pick a Wells for your situation”. H.R. grew on me as the season progressed, and I’d like to think that Sherloque Wells will do the same. My hesitation the Wells gimmick is still very much there. I’d rather keep with up with the show’s true incarnation of Wells than continually getting a Wells a season. Only time will tell if Sherloque can trump my hesitation.

A decent episode of The Flash gave even more time on Cicada—a surprisingly but welcome plan. When it came to Barry Allen himself though, he nearly took a backseat for the episode, as everyone else around him got the focus. That’s not a bad thing mind you, but just something worth noting. So far the season is doing well with its pace and momentum. I can only hope that this continues—and that Cicada’s haunting story will only get better.

Bonus Notes:

  • If the team never catches Cicada in the future, then that must not be accurate/written in stone any longer right? Now that Cicada is an entirely different person and doesn’t line up with any timelines or realities.



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