I went all the way to Boston to meet Mindy Kaling and it was the best thing I’ve ever done.

When Mindy announced her Why Not Me? book tour, I was devastated that there were zero Canadian stops on it. I felt FOMO because all my Twitter friends were going to get to see her. Irregardless, I felt sadliness and channeled it into photoshop to make a quick graphic of Mindy with the Canadian & Quebec flags. Random House actually saw my tweet and offered to send me a copy of the book – which was the most “celebrity” moment I’ve ever had – but it wasn’t a free trip to meet her. I still really wanted to go so, long story short, I saved money and went digging in couch cushions and booked a bus to Boston, the closest stop to Montreal and also where a few of my Online BFF’s were also going to be.

I won’t bore you with the details of my trip and how we had so much fun watching the season 4 premiere of The Mindy Project together after having met her, because I want to talk forever about the actual meeting (and I wrote all that in the list I linked above teehee). While we were in line, my heart was pounding and we were wondering what we could ask her. Someone came up with the idea of asking for her snack suggestion so I volunteered to try and make a coherent sentence. When it was finally my turn, we both said “hey” and “how are you” at the same time so we giggled (aka I was so nervous I probably snorted). I crouched down and we smiled for the pic and I think she was touching me and I was dying inside. This is the exchange we had after the pic:

  • me: what do you think we should eat during the premiere tonight?
  • Mindy: *looking up and gazing into my soul* where should you eat?
  • me: “like no, what!”
  • Mindy: oh I love sour candy that’s a good choice! I hope you like the premiere!
  • me: *dying and walking away* omg thank you so much bye.

For days afterward I just kept thinking I TALKED TO MINDY KALING LIKE WE HAD A DIALOGUE and almost passing out. The next day, I also went to her “In Conversation” event and she was talking about how she tries hard to make every fan interaction special, I wanted to stand up and tell her it was literally the most special day I’ve had <3!